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Just because some people don’t like you is not a reason to change who you are. You are amazing and those who matter will see that from the start.

Never let the people around you turn you into someone you’re not. Being you is important. This life is yours to live and if you deserve to be the one in charge of your decisions. Fitting in is nowhere near as important as people make it out to be and the people who actually care about you won’t make you bend so much that you break.

If you’re not doing the following things then you’re not being true to who you are. Don’t let your own needs fall behind the needs of everyone else. You matter, too.

6 Tips For Being Your Most Authentic Self:

1. Learn to be more comfortable in your own skin.

You only get one body and if you don’t learn to love it you’re going to be miserable. We are all beautiful in our own ways. You have a lot more going for yourself than you might assume.

2. Be kind to yourself.

If you’re not nice to yourself you’re messing up big time. You are the only person who has to deal with ‘you’ at the end of every day. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with the same respect and patience you treat others.

3. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

You are YOU, comparing yourself to everyone else is going to disappoint you without warrant. Things are not always what they seem and the people whose lives you think are so much better are going through their own issues. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

4. Be willing to accept that change is going to happen whether you like it or not.

Change is inevitable. We cannot make things happen and we cannot stop things from happening. Nothing is going to remain the same forever, period.

5. Don’t let other people use you.

Other people have no right to use you for their own gain. If there are people in your life who refuse to contribute to your friendship cut them off. They are only holding you back.

6. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that hold you back.

Letting go might not be easy but sometimes it’s important. If you’re not happy at your job, find a new one. Life is too short to live it miserably.