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Your forever person will be someone you would have never expected. He or she will come into your life when you need him or her the most and make all the difference in the world.

We assume that our forever person is someone we can ‘choose’ ourselves but love doesn‘t work that way. The person you will be with forever will not be that toxic ex you‘re still stuck on or that person who left you wondering how to move forward years ago. He or she will be someone that truly appreciates you and reminds you of how amazing you are.

Once you’re finally with your forever person you will be able to reveal your truest form. You will not have to hide behind any masks or squash your hopes and dreams for the sake of another. Instead of feeling sick wondering how things will play out, you know this person will be by your side through all that life puts before the two of you.

Instead of feeling insecure, you will feel at peace. You will not have to wait for him or her to reply to your messages or answer your calls. Everything will be as it should, and they will return the efforts you put forth.

This person will impress your family and make your friends realize just how good his or her intentions are. When you say ‘I love you’ they will return it and every ounce of your being will believe it’s true. This person will do all he or she can to communicate properly with you and when there is a misunderstanding the two of you will sit down and talk out the issues going on.

You will not be forced to cry yourself to sleep anymore. Anything you once would have obsessed over in the past is not a problem now because trust is finally present. When you‘re with your forever person any sense of what you may have thought a relationship was leaves you. You now see things for what they truly are rather than what you had assumed to be normal in the past.

You won’t have to try so hard with your forever person. He or she will make you know how important you are. You won’t be able to recognize the person you‘ve become and I mean that in the best possible way. Happiness can transform us all into some of the most amazing forms.

This person will know when you‘re hiding something and whether you’re truly upset or not. He or she will be able to see into the window of your soul. Your happiness and his or her happiness takes the forefront and your lives together become one.

Finding and being with the person you are meant to spend forever with is a truly marvelous thing. When you’re ill he or she will be right by your side and when you‘re going through the problems life brings, you will have someone to turn to for support. You won’t have to change, and he or she won’t ask you to. You can become who you were meant to be on your own time and in your own ways.

This person will believe in you and all you‘re capable of. You will feel better than you ever have before and nothing else will matter. Your forever person is out there and when you‘re ready, the universe will bring him or her forth. Don’t give up just yet, you‘re only halfway there.