Just before the beginning of 2020 numerology predicted that this year would be a good one. Breaking down the year as 2 + 0 +2 + 0 gave us 4 and the number 4 is a powerful one but where are those good things now? 

Right now the world is in chaos and it feels like all throughout the beginning of 2020 so far we’ve been struggling, well, I believe that perhaps good things are to come. The year 2019 in itself was a tough one but it did not and cannot compare to the pandemic we’re facing now considering the lives lost. If you look back on the predictions from just before this year began accomplishments were promised and as we move forth we are making those. 

The Universe itself works in mysterious ways and things are going to be looking up very soon. If you’re an energy sensitive person, I know you can feel what I am talking about. We are headed towards a very positive shift and I believe that is what kicks off this year’s predictions as a whole. We’ve been seeing bits and pieces of the number 4 for months now as we’ve been more responsible, focused on security, and thinking about our homes and families but things are going to really get much deeper very soon. 

This is supposed to be the year of accomplishments and it still can be if we all work hard to get back on track once all is said and done. We can rise back up and find ourselves as well as the things we want in life the most if we truly put our hearts to it and make the efforts we need to make. We are all about to open a lot of doors and honestly, I’m excited.

We have the power to manifest whatever we want in this world and the more we believe in ourselves the more progress we will make. Things will get better, and we will close 2020 out on a positive note. Believe in yourself and don’t give up just yet.

I know, sometimes it’s hard not to be a bit discouraged but remember that there is a bigger picture before you. Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not present. Sometimes we have to go through the bad times to make it to the good times and while the power of 4 has brought us to a rough place, together we will get through it.

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