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Narcissists are some of the most manipulative people there are and with that, some of them can be quite hard to get away from. That being said, we should be doing all we can to accomplish exactly that. 

Whether you moved on from the narcissist or he/she moved on from you figuring out how to move on and get over the pain that person left in your life and perhaps even on your heart can be complicated at best. We are left with lots of wounds that these people have inflicted on us and things are never as easy as we may want them to be. One of the things you may think about the most after coming out of a narcissistic relationship is getting even and well, getting even can be done but it must be done in the right way. 

You may want to do the things to this person that they did to you or you may want to go out of your way to try and ‘ruin’ their lives but those things just won’t work. Narcissists are not your average people. They are not bothered by the things we are bothered by and you can’t break someone’s heart who doesn’t love you in the first place, point-blank. That being said there is a way to get even. 

The only true way to get even with your narcissist is to move on from him/her and not waste your time or energy on them anymore. They long for attention and adoration when you stop giving them that and you ignore them it can and will drive them crazy. If you want revenge, do better for yourself. Live your life and be happy. When your narcissist sees that you’re okay without him/her and that you’re actually getting by well in the world they will try to come back into your life but don’t allow them to. 

Their inability to get power back over you will get under their skin more than anything else. They want you to be broken down and torn apart without them in your life and by simply moving forward and picking up the pieces of yourself you’re proving to them that they are not needed, not by you and that will eat away at them. They will be completely unsettled by this and it will really leave them wondering about a lot of things. 

I know, this might sound silly but it’s very true. Narcissists are not as complex as we may make them out to be. Once you’ve figured them out, understanding them in this sense is much easier than it seems. With narcissists you have to fight fire with water, you have to put that flame out and keep flowing.

I promise while you might hurt at first once things have gone sour, you can still find happiness in your life. Cutting contact is your best bet with narcissists and while you might not think they’re keeping up with you, they are. They will see you doing well, and they will feel like you’ve punched them in the stomach. You should take great comfort in that. The happier you are the more even things are. 

To learn more about this and how narcissists work take a look at the video below. Narcissists aren’t what we tend to think they are. They are more and less. Don’t waste your time and efforts trying to do something cheeky, just live your life and find your peace.