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This week is a very powerful one for us in regard to the energies before us. Sure, things are feeling pretty rough right now but things will get better if you hang in there.

Starting off this week we are going to be facing several celestial events. This including the aggressive full moon on the 7th as well as things like Mercury sextile both Pluto and Jupiter that day as well. These three things will be holding a lot of power over us as we move forth this week and honestly, might be bringing us down a bit.

For those who do not know, this full moon is going to be one that has some of the roughest aspects possible. It is a dangerous moon as it is going to be bringing out our rebellious side. Many of us will want to take more risks and get more done which right now, is not the best idea at all. 

This paired with things like the strong opinions that come with Mercury sextile Pluto could be really affecting us in some big ways. That being said, this period will hold for each of us a bit of a healing quality. I know, that might sound confusing but the healing side of things is what we should be letting come through during all of this while trying to fight off those impulsivities.

Regarding Mercury sextile Pluto transit Astrology King wrote as follows:

Mercury sextile Pluto transit adds depth and intensity to your thinking and conversations. More serious or mysterious topics will take up your attention so this is a good time for study and research. The probing and penetrating nature of your mind can uncover secrets and plots. Learning more about astrology or psychology would interest you, and you would pick it up much easier than normal.

Your powerful intellect combines with a strong intuition to make you very persuasive when talking to others. You can sell a message and convince others of ideas that others would normally be afraid or wary of. This is helped by a strange kind of magnetic allure you have when communicating.

It is important not to abuse your powerful mind by taking advantage of weaker individuals. Although you may be driven and dominating, you will appear non-threatening and very convincing.

Now, when it comes to Mercury sextile Jupiter we should be appreciating the better means of communication we are offered as this will help even things out a bit. Instead of struggling to get our points across, we will be able to look forward and hopefully keep the bigger picture in mind. Getting through this week in a way that makes you come out on a positive note is important, while some of these energies are going to really be ‘trying’ you, keeping them in check is going to prove to be crucial. 

As we near the end of the week energies will be a little more muted but still quite present in our lives. Many of us will be taking on more responsibilities and working to share our own thoughts with the people around us which is fine as long as we do-so within our ‘social distancing’ guidelines. I know, this might sound like it’s all over the place but honestly, this week is going to be all over the place.

Do your best to keep your own well-being and the well-being of others in mind moving forth and don’t do anything too crazy. I know, we’re all bored and tired of sitting at home but right now that’s what we have to do for the greater good. Things will get better in time.