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There are a lot of things going on this week in the celestial and energetic world as a whole. As it unfolds, it’s really going to be pulling us in all kinds of directions.

Kicking things off Saturn will be going direct on September 29th and that means a lot of the feelings we’ve been experiencing will be dying down for a little bit. However, that doesn’t mean things are over for good and there will be tensions rising in several different areas. On the 1st of October, there will be a full moon and that full moon will be in the sign Aries. Aries for those who do not know is a sign that brings with it a lot of frustration and could for some of us push us to be a bit angrier than we would be without its influence.

Astrology King wrote as follows on some of the energies this full moon will bring:

The long triangle aspect pattern highlighted in the full moon chart is termed an Irritation Triangle. It is formed by an opposition (red), a quincunx, and a semisextile (both green). It needs constant movement and activity resulting in shorter or longer periods of hectic overexertion.

The energies stored in the opposition (Sun opposite Moon) are looking for a way to resolve the state of the opposing pressures, the blockage of energy flow, and the rigid attitude they produce. Over the quincunx (Sun quincunx Uranus), you become painfully aware of the liberation of tension as a desperate longing.

Sudden bursts of anger can arise as a reaction to external pressures. This defensive behavior does not last long, though, it is over quickly and forgotten again. The ability for flexibility and adaptation enables you to be evasive and to quickly make up for the damage caused or hurt feelings.

While there will be other smaller things happening, another big event to come will be Pluto going direct. Pluto will be going direct on the 4th and this will really help things die down a little as the energies this retrograde has brought have really pushed us to grow in big ways and really helped us face the sufferings we’ve been going through as of late. All of these things happening over the span of a week are more than enough to have us feeling pretty mixed up inside.

With Mars retrograding and old issues coming up time after time, we’re feeling pretty flustered right now and all of this is only going to feed into that. However, this week might be a good time for you to work on letting go of baggage that you’ve been unwilling to work through. There are likely a lot of things holding you back and with these energies, you can really allow them to do a lot of positivity in your life if you choose to.

To learn more about all of this take a look at the video below. It breaks down a little more about each zodiac sign and what the things to come may end up being. While you’ll need to know your sun sign, ascendant, and your moon sign going through the motions with this video could give you a much deeper look at where you’re headed.