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As we move through this week, we will be experiencing a lot of Deja Vu. Some of us may end up feeling as though we’ve been through this period before and while that might not be true, your intuition may be trying to make something known.

Please, keep in mind that your intuition is your soul speaking with you. It is something that keeps you tapped into your higher self and is not something we should always be ignoring. Right now, perhaps paying close attention to it could come in handy. Mercury is still currently retrograding and will be until the 20th, that in itself could have something to do with all of this in a big way.

This week may already have started well, but that does not mean you should let your guard down. Face the emotions before you and make sure that you’re thinking everything through before speaking out. Do not say anything that you may end up regretting but also, follow your gut.

This week is going to be hard for some of us and easier on the rest. While that might sound vague, it is something you should all note. If you’re facing karmic issues chances are you’ll be having it worse off than others right now but in the long-run, you will grow to much higher accomplishments.

Remember to keep your boundaries in check and as the days continue to pass, keep your own best interest in mind. Other people may pretend to have your best interests in mind but not all of them do. You need to know who is there for you and who is only pretending, that too is a good place where your intuitive side may come out.

Remain as grounded as possible and counter all of your negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if everything is going wrong, the universe has a plan for you. Things will be looking up soon, and you will get through what you are facing.

I for one will be doing my best to keep my mind as clear as possible over the course of the coming days. I will be breathing deeply and trying my best not to take the things other people say and do to the heart. While I am going through a lot right now I also know other people are as well. We all have our battles to fight.