This week might not seem like much to those who aren’t getting the bad end of it but for those who are, it’s quite the process to face. As we move through the next few days things are going to be a bit confusing and a lot more irritating than we might have expected.

Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs who are going to be having a rough time this week. While not every week will be like this for those who fall under these signs, this one damn sure will be. Do all you can to remain strong and keep your mind as forward as possible. You can make it through the things going on in the celestial world if you truly believe you are capable.

That being said, this week is going to help all of those involved grow in positive ways. Whether you feel like you’re running through the gutter or not you can really learn a lot this week. Embrace all that is before you.


This week might not be exactly what you’d expect. You’re going to be feeling very out of place and under the weather. The people in your close circle are going to be disappearing one by one and once all is said and done only those with proper intentions will remain. Do not let the world bring you down right now, hold true to who you are.


This week is going to make you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. The person you care the most for is running away from you because he/she is scared of the future. While this isn’t going to break you, it is something you really need to go over on your own. Is this person worth chasing after?


This week is going to make you feel like the whole world is against you. A lot of hard situations are going to come to a head and you’re going to have to make some real decisions. Keep your best interest in mind above all else.


This week is going to remind you of all you’re giving up for your current life. While things are comfortable you’re not happy. You need to figure out if staying in the situation you’ve gotten yourself into is really as worth it as you feel like it could be.


This week is going to make you feel like people are out to get you. Everyone is going to be bringing up things you would not want them to and you’re going to want to break free from the norm without being able to do-so. While this will pass it will also for the time being leave you feeling helpless. Stop letting other people make decisions for you if you need a break go take one.

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