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As we move through this week the things going on in the celestial world will have you feeling a bit bored. You’re going to be working to break free and through that aligning more properly in the areas you have been lacking for far too long.

This week for many of us is going to hold an intense energy but not in a negative way. The more we embrace all that is to come the further in life we will be able to end up. If you’ve been holding back now is your chance to really let loose and grow through the experiences before you.

I know, this might sound crazy but if you’re seeing new opportunities right now you need to take them while you can. You’ve been working to manifest change for a long time and now that it is before you, do not let it slip through your grasp. The planets in most power right now are going to be pushing and pulling us towards where we need to be and for some, that is going to be a very uncomfortable feeling but above all else, you need to remain strong.

You have been through a lot as of late and now is your chance to finally make the most of the things before you. You’re being offered a lot right now whether you can see that or not. If you want to be happy, you need to make an effort, otherwise, you’re only going to end up stuck in the past.

Right now is your chance to begin again and that is not something you should pass up. I am going to be spending this week making sure my intentions are as they should be and that I am stepping forth on a positive note. While that might not sound like much, it is what I have been needing for quite some time.

This week is not going to be as forgiving as the previous ones, if you do not take the things presented here you may not get the chance to do things in this manner again anytime soon. This is going to help set the mood for the coming months, and you should keep that in mind moving forward. I know, this might sound vague, but it is well worth keeping in mind as you go about your business each day.

Stop clinging to things you cannot change and take the moment before you into your own hands. Things are looking up and you need to accept the path that your guardians are trying to help you travel down. Things might be hard from time to time but the moments that bring a smile to your face will make it all worth it in the end.