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The energies around us right now are pretty confusing for a lot of different reasons but not to an extent where they’re throwing things off. Right now we’re all looking towards the bigger picture and that in itself is going to help us grow in tremendously important ways.

I am sure you can feel how powerful the energies around all of us right now are. These energies are coming from a lot of different places and if you’re energy sensitive you can likely tell that most of them are overwhelmingly positive. Things finally feel like they’re going as they should and for the first time in a long time we’re back on track within reason.

This week is all about sowing the oats before us. Chances are you’re making great strides towards something that will really change your life and that you should be proud of. Even the smallest steps can add up to something huge if you put thought and effort in properly. As we continue through this week we will all be feeling more and more ourselves.

Right now, it is important that we cut back on things that do not serve much purpose in our lives. If you are letting people take advantage of you or wasting your time placing your efforts in the wrong places now is your chance to make the changes you need to make in order to get your life in order. The more you do now to work towards your future the further you will get in the long-run.

I know, things like this can be hard to deal with, and when opportunity comes knocking it can be hard to answer the door. Many of us will be too afraid to come forth and go through the things we need to go through but if you embrace these energies you are bound to see them as they are once all is said and done. Think everything you do through but don’t hold yourself back. If you need to make a hard decision, make it.

The more you plan and work towards your goals in the moments before you, the more aware you’re going to become of how truly achievable they actually are. This week is going to be one that helps us in more ways than we are able to grasp right now. I for one am very excited about the things to come and how these energies will be working in my favor. The universe has your back and the more you allow that to sink in the more you’re going to find when abundance really comes out to play.