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As we are moving towards the end of October this week is going to be quite intense. While not all signs will be reaping the benefits those who feel these energies properly are really going to be growing in ways they otherwise might have not been able to.

If you thought this spooky season was going to leave without causing anything big in our lives, you were seriously mistaken. October is a powerful month and while it has been a bit chaotic, this week is going to truly be something else. Take a peek below to see if this week is going to be a great one for your sign or not. If your sign didn’t make this list please do not be upset, you too can make the most of the energetic world around you if you remain grounded and do your best to focus on growth.


This week is going to finally bring about the creative boost you’ve been needing. You’re going to be working hard and getting a lot more done than usual. While you are going to be pulled towards some people you care about and trying to help them, remembering that your own well-being is more important will be crucial. While you’ve struggled to grasp that for some time it seems things are finally settling in.


This week is going to remind you of all the things that actually matter to you rather than allow you to continue to focus on things that will not last. You’re going to be looking inward and focusing more on an emotional side of yourself which is very unlike you. You are going to remain in the spotlight as all of this is happening and it is going to make people love you even more through it all.


This week is going to have you feeling pretty conflicted within. You’ve been going through a lot and it seems there is no end in sight but please remember that you can accomplish anything and you are capable of getting through this. Things are about to really begin looking up. You’re going to get so much good news this week.


This week is going to make you really look at your life from an outside perspective. You’re going to take the time to make changes that benefit you and help you to grow as a person. While it might not seem like a very progressive week, it will be.


This week is going to be the break you’ve been needing. You’re always running around and trying to get things done but you rarely stop to think about yourself and your own well-being. Take a step back and relax. Everything else can wait until you’re ready to face it, period.