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We are now present in the first week of the last month of 2019 and with that, a lot of us are feeling like crap. The end of 2019 is going to be quite draining for each of us and as things push forth could leave many of us feeling left behind.

Not only is there a lot happening in the world of the celestial bodies, but there is also a lot happening within each of us. We are all shifting and making changes that will either force us to grow or make us unable to get out of the ruts we’re currently trying to work through. Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs who need to be especially aware right now during this week. These are the signs who are going to be facing some extreme energies and emotions as the days pass.


This week is going to have you wondering where to go from here. With all that has been going on in recent times, you’ve not got much room to breathe and it’s taking a serious toll on you. If you do not slow down and give yourself a moment to think you’re going to have one of the worst weeks of your life.

Bad news could be headed your ways but you need to be willing to look at the positive side of things. Just because one door closes doesn’t mean another cannot open. You are capable and you are nowhere near done yet.


As a Capricorn, you’re always letting things get to you in ways that you shouldn’t. While in the past couple of months things were doing well you’re about to face a rough patch again and it could break you if you’re not careful. 

This week is going to be hectic but you can handle it. Keep your chin up and your mind where it should be. If you stop focusing even just for a short period you might end up forgetting something very important.


This week is going to be quite painful for you. As a Cancer, you give too much and right now you’re hurting big time. The mood you’re in makes it hard to get things done and the pain your heart is feeling can be quite complicated at best. 

Do not give in to the things your mind is feeding forth. Just because you don’t want to be alone does not mean you need to keep taking back someone who hurts you. In the end, you need to be willing to put yourself first.


Sure, you’re doing well right now but this week is not going to play out as properly as you might want it to. You’re feeling a bit bored right now but that feeling is only going to grow drastically as the days pass. You’re going to need to lean on your support system and find out what those in your life think you should be doing so that you can work to move forth.

You’re going to be struggling to get your emotions out and feeling as though nothing makes sense in the ways that it should lately. The more you sit by and allow life to pass the more clear your wasted state will become. Perhaps getting out and about could do some good in your life?


You’ve really been going through some bad situations lately. When one thing seems to get better another hits the fan and this week will be no exception. You need to be more open and honest with those you care about if you want to get through this week with minimal damage. 

You’re missing out on more than you can currently see and you need to come to terms with this. Life is passing you by and the people who matter are not going to wait around forever. Your emotions need to be shown.