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As we move through this week we know that on Friday Christmas will be here. This week is one that holds a lot of powerful positive energies but also can be a bit negative depending on how you take some things.

During the course of this week, a lot of things will be brought out into the light and some of those things might make you wish you could shut down and run away. The way in which we handle all that is to come can and will make a difference in how things overall play out. We must make the most of what is before us, above all else.

As you may know, the great conjunction just happened on the 21st this also coincided with the Winter Solstice. Now that these two powerful events are out of the way, the associated portal is working to close itself. This portal brings forth change and challenges that most may feel they are not ready for and throughout this week, this portal will be working to close itself all the while leaching energy into our world.

Perhaps we should also be aware that on the 25th the great Mercury will be trine Uranus bringing the following energies to the table:

Mercury trine Uranus transit opens your mind to new possibilities. There may be some exciting news coming your way, or chance encounters with eccentric, or in some other way stimulating people. This transit has a very stimulating, electrifying effect on your thinking and communications. Keeping an open mind comes naturally and this increases your chance of making new discoveries and making new friends.

All of your senses are stimulated and your intuition should be strong and correct. Flashes of insight are possible when awake, or asleep through vivid dreaming. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced. In fact, this would be an excellent time to start studying astrology or another occult subject.

You may also become more interested in taking up the study of computer technology or starting your own website and generally communicating on the Internet. Mathematics, technical subjects, and any of the sciences would also appeal. This is also a good time for puzzle-solving and playing games. Your original way of looking at things would help find solutions to nagging problems.

Being around interesting people is important because you will gain a lot of insight through sharing ideas. A new friendship made now would certainly be stimulating but may not last too long.

What do you think about all the things this week is going to hold? I, for one, am a bit overwhelmed but not afraid. Things like this are meant to be experienced.