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We all know this week is going to be insane but when I say that I do not mean it in a bad way. The energies we’re feeling are not bad energies, they are just energies we might not know how to handle as properly as we should.

This week could actually end up being the best week of 2020 if we know how to make the most of it. If we as people of the zodiac know how to handle our emotions and look to the future rather than being stuck in the past, we can reach great lengths this week. That being because the celestial bodies Jupiter, as well as Saturn, will finally be moving into Aquarius.

Aquarius holds seriously amazing energies and will help us make the progress we need to make whether we’re aware of it or not. On the 17th and 18th, these planets move into Aquarius one right after the other, and that in itself is going to have us feeling more confused but also more willing to learn. If you know how your zodiac handles emotions and are as grounded as possible you will be more than capable of making the most of the things before you.

For those who do not know Saturn in Aquarius brings out the following energies:

Aquarian energy is humanitarian. It is full of boundless ideas about what will improve the lives of others, and how shared efforts can make the world a better place. As the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules over the 11th House of Groups and Visions. This is the playground of visionaries, inventors, and creators. But as with anything airy, this sign exists primarily on the mental plane. This is why when grounded and pragmatic Saturn moves into Aquarius, the two inspire each other in truly monumental ways.

With this focus on structure in the realm of groups and visions, now is the perfect time for us to connect with others and take action on our most lofty plans: find ways to give back to the community, network in some way with people in your field, or lay the groundwork for that non-profit that’s been kicked around for ages.

Saturn in Aquarius can also be a very auspicious time to begin or deepen a relationship. This transit brings people together to reach beyond the individual’s capabilities. Romances or marriages that are established during this time are some of the most powerful and activated unions of all.

As much as this transit strengthens and deepens connections, it also has the potential to end that which is no longer serving us (or maybe never did in the first place). Be on the lookout for people and connections that drain you, and be ready to let them go. Now is the time for building sturdy and lasting structures. Sometimes this means letting go of weak links in friendship, love, and work.

I know, that might sound a bit out there, but it’s going to help us all in a lot of ways. The more aware we are of the things coming forth the more we can prepare for them. Letting go of those weak links can really allow us to focus on where we need to focus. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. also wrote as follows on the Jupiter in Aquarius energies we will be going through:

Aquarius is a very idealistic sign. It has a knack for seeing what’s wrong with the world, then coming up with unique and innovative ways to improve things. While Jupiter is moving through Aquarius, we are all gifted with this Aquarian ability to think and do things differently, and create a more ideal future. Thanks to the expanding nature of Jupiter, it’s easier to step outside of ourselves during this time to consider the needs of others in our communities, countries, and the world at large.

Jupiter in Aquarius makes us optimistic for the future. Regardless of how things look in the present moment, we know we have the ideas and solutions that will make for a better tomorrow. Instead of seeing limits we see opportunities. Instead of seeing differences we see similarities.

During Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius, we’ll find it easier to connect with other people who have the same visions as we do, so we can join forces to instigate the changes that need to be made. Jupiter is a planet that prizes learning, making this a time that we can learn a great deal from others. We want to share our own ideas with others, but we can gain even more knowledge by listening to the unique thoughts and experiences of those around us.

As you can see, we will be having a lot on our plates but these things are all happening for a reason. I for one am stoked. This week is going to be a powerful one, and it’s going to bring a lot of amazing things into our lives all the while allowing us to take the steps forward we need to take.