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While most of the time we are all quite divided the internet and its viral videos really do seem to bring us together on many occasions. When it comes to animals doing adorable things we cannot help but feel something.

I recently came across a video of a cute little baby panda trying to play with its babysitter and it was too perfect to go without sharing. This video was posted by iPanda and they basically post videos of pandas consistently. On their Youtube Channel, Facebook page, and official website you can see all kinds of things including live streams and conservation updates.

The video I am talking about is at least a few years old but has made its rounds time and time again. In this video, you can see the sitter cleaning up the area and doing basic chores all the while this little baby panda is trying to get attention. He latches onto the sitter’s leg and tries to keep him from walking away, in the same manner, a human toddler would. How the handler managed to continue working amazes me, I would have been forced to take a break.

Pandas are truly some of the most magnificent creatures on this planet and this little one is too perfect for words. While pandas are no longer considered endangered they are still going to need more help to get their numbers back up further. They are a very vulnerable species and videos like this serve as a true reminder of how important it is to be there for them and other animals. Just because they do not hold the title endangered does not mean they are not at risk.

What would you do if this little baby panda wanted to hold onto your leg? Would you be able to finish your chores? To see this video for yourself continue on. Raising pandas is much more complicated than you might think, props to the man in this video for taking care of this little cutie.

(image via: iPanda)