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Russell Brand is someone that has faced a lot of controversy in his life. He has worked within the industry that he strongly speaks out against now and has really managed to go above and beyond when it comes to changing the way he sees the world.

Our whole planet is overflowing with selfish assholes who refuse to care for others and refuse to help protect this place we call home. Many are forced to go without food while others are throwing out huge amounts of it on a daily basis. Nothing is as it should be and we all truly need a little bit of awakening.

Russell Brand has come a long way and is spiritually on fire right now. We could all learn a lot from this man. In this world, massive change is needed but we have not yet seen any of it. There are billions of people and yet we are all far more disconnected now than we have ever been.

Sure, Brand might come off as a bit high-energy, but even some of the most profound things he says go unnoticed. I recently came across a video of some of his most powerful moments and felt the need to share that video here.

Please take a peek at the video below to hear him speak. While these are just snippets from interviews throughout the years they say so much more than most of us could ever think to say. Brand really does know his stuff when it comes to the spiritual revolution we need.

What do you think about the things he has to say? Do you feel like his messages are ones that the world needs to hear? He truly does express some of the most complex concepts in some of the most interesting ways.

(Image Via: Flickr)