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Far too often we find ourselves in over our heads when it comes to love. We fall for someone who isn’t willing to provide us with what we need, or we end up facing conflict without a means of resolving things properly.

When it comes to dating and being in a real relationship, there is a lot that can go right and a lot that can go wrong. We all get stressed, and we all face ups and downs but how we handle those things can make or break a connection with someone we think we love. Now, if you’re wondering how to really make things last and you feel like there is something lacking within your relationship, that something could be much simpler than you’d expect.

Just how mindful are you within your relationship? Do you ever stop to smell the roses with your lover or are you both on edge all the time? Mindfulness when it comes to love is easily one of the most important things and yet also one of the most lacking in this day and age.

Not only does mindfulness bring a better sense of well-being to each of us, but it can also enhance the connection we have with our lovers/partners. This kind of thing brings us to a place where we are more aware of one another and also more capable of growing together. Mindfulness, when used correctly, can save a damaged relationship and boost one that is functioning properly up to a place where lasting forever becomes quite possible.

Michigan State University actually went so far as to write as follows on their website in regards to mindfulness and relationships:

According to the University of Georgia, one way to help build a healthy relationship is by learning to practice mindfulness as a couple. Mindfulness can help couples regulate physiological responses that arise with conflicts such as the fight or flight response. Fight or flight is when you think you are going to be eaten by a bear and you need to quickly decide whether to stand your ground or run away. Unfortunately, arguing with a loved one can also make you feel like you are about to be eaten by a bear. Our human brains need a few minutes to figure out the difference between an argument and mortal danger. Mindfulness is one way to help give you those few minutes.

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment without judgment.

When mindfulness is present in our relationships rather than picking at one another when we’re having a hard time we are more willing to talk about the things that are going on in our minds and work through important problems. We help one another work through things rather than lashing out in the heat of the moment. While it might sound silly to some if you are mindful of the people you care about the most you will be able to build some amazing connections.

For tips on how to practice mindfulness within your relationship please feel free to check out the video below. Would you have ever thought something this small would be capable of making such a difference and do you practice mindfulness in your relationships? I for one think it is easily one of the most important things in our lives at the moment and cultivating it properly is crucial.