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There is no denying the bond parents tend to have with their younger children but this one is so adorable it’s been taking the internet by storm. This little guy is his father’s number one fan.

This video was captured by the Greenman Family and begins by showing a loving son telling his dad goodbye for the day. This little boy’s name is Declan and he wants his dad to ‘be a good fart machine at work.’ Yes, he thinks his dad is a fart machine, isn’t that gold? While this part will have you laughing things take a serious turn quickly.

Declan realizes that he forgot to tell his dad that he loved him so he rushes for the door and finds him getting into his car, just in time to remind him that he cares. This adorable exchange between father and son will have you feeling all kinds of ways. It is full of precious moments and unexpected twists all the while just a mere minute long.

This sweet little boy ran out to see his daddy without even thinking twice. He knew making sure he said I love you was important. Crying and upset he comes back inside and the video ends there. Could you still leave for work after such an exchange? I am sure it was hard for the father to part ways for the day especially after seeing how upset Declan was.

Toddlers and babies are so attached to the people closest in their lives and we often forget how much of an impact we have on them. We are their whole world and this video is just a reminder of that. Isn’t the Greenman Family adorable?

(Image Via: Youtube)

Featured video via The Dad Break