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While for some a Rooba that says swear words is a crazy idea but it’s real and actually pretty entertaining. The more this vacuum runs into things the more it curses.

The swearing Roomba was invented by a software developer named Michael Reeves who tends to come up with some pretty amazing things. If you take a look through his Youtube account you will see some of his creations. These creations including things like ‘trigger me Elmo,’ the scream powered microwave, the gas-powered fishing pole, and even a tazer cup. Yes, you read that correctly a cup that if you are unable to drink fast enough tazes you.

In his video showcasing his creation, Reeves notes that basically when it detects a collision through the sensors present in the device it plays a sound through a speaker. This being a sound that in many ways makes the Roomba feel much less like a vacuum and more like a person or being that is actually feeling pain. In adding this feature, he makes the Roomba kind of feel like a member of the family.

This Roomba, in particular, says things like “I feel nothing but pain. Why would you build me so that my sole existential purpose is to suffer” and “Please stop hitting me.” That being said it also screams things like “God-f@ck!ng-d@mn!t!” and to be completely honest I am living for it. Sure, it could get annoying but aren’t people annoying as well?

The description of his video showcasing this device notes as follows:

“Screaming Roombas are technology that mankind has dreamed about ever since we could look up at the stars, today I was able to bring that dream to life.”

To be completely honest, I completely agree. We have all needed the screaming Roomba without realizing it. Perhaps we need more screaming technology in our lives. Check out the screaming Roomba in the video below and hear Reeves go over it himself. What do you think about this interesting little piece of equipment? It is quite unfortunate that we cannot purchase these unique little guys.