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June 2020 is going to be a very powerful celestial month whether you realize that now or not. While it might not feel like a lot at the moment, there are several interesting events headed our way. 

This lunar month (the time between two successive full or new moons) is going to be full of eclipses. Yes, we’re going to be seeing more than one and actually are facing three in the coming times. While that might sound crazy, it’s quite true.

While not all in the same calendar month, the fact that these three eclipses are all in the same lunar month speaks volumes. They will be on the 5th of June, the 21st of June, and the 5th of July. The first will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, the second an annular solar eclipse, and the last a penumbral lunar eclipse as well. 

There is no denying we are very much in eclipse season with all of this and these eclipses are going to bring lots of energies our way. Now, for those who do not know penumbral lunar eclipses are eclipses that happen when the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon’s face. That having been said, an annular solar eclipse is very different. 

Annular solar eclipses are something that we see when the moon’s shadow is not big enough to cover the planet itself. When this kind of thing happens the shadow becomes limited to a certain area and as these things are in motion a shadow falls on the sun itself. The shifting we’re facing as a result of these eclipses will be hard for a lot of us to handle. 

During this time we will be facing a lot of opportunities and really working through some of the things we’ve struggled with on the inside. This kind of thing brings us forth an intense period of self-care and work within which not all of us are ready for. I know, it might sound a bit out there but the harder you work to allow these energies to work for you in your life, the more present they may become.

As time continues to pass we will begin to see where these energies will lead us. The world around us is not as cut and dry as we might want it to be and that we should work to learn as best we can. Perhaps grounding yourself right now is the best thing to do, don’t let these energies get the best of you.