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When it comes to relationships, there are some things that would upset one sign that another might not bat an eye to. We are all different, and that is something you should keep in mind throughout the relationships you experience in your life.

Below, I am going to go over what each zodiac sign fears the most when it comes to relationships or love in general. If you are dating someone, this could help you in your relationship big time. Getting to know yourself and the people you care the most about will benefit you in more ways than you could ever imagine.


The Aries is afraid that he or she is going to fall in love too quickly with the wrong person. You see, the Aries works hard and doesn’t spend much time on anything else. When someone comes into their lives and really knocks them off their feet, they get overly attached far quicker than they should, and it leaves them often in relationships that they have to end. They fall hard and sometimes end up quite stuck. Leap Before You Look: The Aries Approach to Relationships.” This book touches on how Aries individuals often leap into relationships quickly and how they can navigate this passionate approach to love.


The Taurus is afraid of being betrayed. Because the Taurus is so quick to let people in and always devoted to the people he or she is with, it can sometimes really come back to bite them in the rear end. They end up finding someone they think is perfect for them, only to later uncover that the person is a cheater/liar. This never ends well and has the Taurus quite scarred in a number of ways. “Trust in the Bull: Overcoming Betrayal in Relationships.” This guide helps Taurus individuals navigate feelings of mistrust and betrayal.


The Gemini is terrified that the person he or she loves will lose interest. You see, the Gemini is a lot more insecure than most people realize. Being thrown away is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a Gemini. Holding Their Interest: The Gemini’s Guide to Lasting Love. A valuable resource for Geminis who fear their partners losing interest over time.


The Cancer is scared that his or her partner will just use them and leave in the end. While the Cancer is quick to give all that he or she can, there is always a fear in the back of their mind that the person they care the most for will end up moving on without them. This is not something they can get over easily, and they struggle with it big time. All or Nothing: The Cancer’s Emotional Depth in Relationships.” This offers guidance to Cancers in establishing boundaries while remaining true to their nurturing nature.


The Leo is not the kind to show his or her fear easily, but once you’re on a level that works for the Leo you will notice how insecure he or she is about chasing perfection. The Leo is scared that his or her partner is going to think of him or her as not good enough, and they wouldn’t be able to handle that properly. The Quest for Perfection: Leo’s Journey in Love.” This discusses the Leo’s desire to be seen as perfect and how to combat feelings of inadequacy.


The Virgo is afraid of being friend zoned even after being with someone for a long time. He or she always seems to think that somehow they will be placed on the back burner. It’s like the more comfortable you get the more on edge they become. Never Just Friends: The Virgo’s Battle Against Being Overlooked.” This gives insights into why Virgos feel the need for constant validation in relationships.


The Libra’s biggest fear is being left for a past lover. If you belong to this sign you know that when someone leaves you for an ex it is because they have been thinking about them the whole time. The Libra cannot handle this kind of thing and when it happens they shut down. “Balancing the Past: A Libra’s Guide to Moving Forward.” Here, Libras can learn how to navigate feelings of being second-best and left behind.


The Scorpio tends to fear being disappointed more than anything. When their partner builds up their dreams and doesn’t follow through in helping they become quite agitated. It’s like once you break that seal of trust in being there for one another the Scorpio isn’t going to be willing to remain by your side. They have to have something special and if you’re not it, they might hurt for a while but they will be glad to move on. “The Depth of Trust: Understanding Scorpio’s Fears in Love.” This touches on the intense nature of Scorpio and the importance of trust.


The Sagittarius is afraid that he or she will end up falling in love with someone who isn’t able to match their energy. They need someone who can keep up not someone who holds them back. Falling for the wrong person is something that could end up leaving them stuck in a rut, this kind of tear is not something they want to face. “Chasing the Horizon: Sagittarius and the Pursuit of Equal Energy in Love.” A guide to help Sagittarians find partners who match their vibrant energy.


The Capricorn is not interested in romance or love as much as most other signs are. They fear commitment the most as they do not want to be tied down. They want to chase their dreams and do not often realize that can be done with someone else by their side. “Chasing Dreams, Not Commitment: The Capricorn’s Approach to Love.” This offers Capricorns insights into balancing ambition with a longing for connection.


The Aquarius is a sign that is terrified of giving too much to someone who isn’t in the relationship for the right reason. They tend to fall for people who are toxic and because of this end up distancing themselves from the very start. You won’t be able to get this sign to open up quickly, everything with them takes time. Guarded Hearts: The Aquarius’s Struggle with Vulnerability in Relationships. An essential read for Aquarians, helping them recognize the balance between protecting their heart and being open to genuine connections.


The Pisces doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. He or she has a lot to offer and very little time. They do not like to waste even the smallest moments on those who only want to bring them down. If you find yourself with a Pisces you will notice that they are not often willing to really bring you into their world until you’ve proven yourself to them. “Depth Over Surface: The Pisces’s Journey to Authentic Love.” This delves into the world of Pisces, guiding them to find partners who value their depth and sincerity.