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The upcoming Mercury retrograde is going to affect everyone, and while it may affect some more than others, it will affect everyone. Mercury is a very tricky planet and it brings forth so many energies that most people will fail to truly be able to understand.

If you have been feeling worried about what might come to be or how you might need to proceed, then you have come to the right place. Below I am going to go over how the energies of this Mercury retrograde are going to affect you. Mercury will be retrograding until August 19th so these energies will not be making their way out of your life anytime soon, buckle up and enjoy the ride.


This retrograde is going to have you feeling much more sex oriented. You will be wanting to surprise that special someone and really mix things up. The energies before you are going to really turn your world upside down.


This retrograde is going to really have your home life all kinds of conflicting. Everyone in your household will be at each other’s throats. During this time, you need to start working on avoiding drama and trying to keep the peace if you don’t, because no one else will.


This retrograde is going to be really making it hard for you to communicate with others. Because this is your ruling planet, it will be much harder on you than anyone else. You will find yourself falling into many misunderstandings and whether you try to resolve them or not things will never be as clear as you want them to be. As long as you do your best you should be fine, don’t let the energies before you get you down. If you find balance things will really work out great.


This retrograde is going to have you feeling so emotional. The more time that passes, the more ready to explode you will feel. You need to be aware of the things to come and really try to be more considerate of the things you say. Just because you mean one thing doesn’t mean people will take it that way, so you might really make yourself look bad without meaning to.


This retrograde is going to be changing you drastically. You will be out of the spotlight for a moment and it will really have you feeling out of place. Don’t be too rushed to get back in front of others, enjoy the time to yourself that you have while you have it. Tension is going to be dying down in your life for once and you should take the time to really make the most of it.


This retrograde is going to be having you very worked up. Don’t let other people hold you back if something is bothering you address it. The energies before you are going to be pulling you in several directions and while it will be confusing it will all make sense in time. Just relax as best you can and see where things go.


This retrograde will have your emotions coming out constantly. Nothing you do will come out in the way you want it to. If you do not take the time to find yourself things will only get worse. Dive within and figure out who you truly are. This retrograde is completely full of confusion and the more used to it you get the worse it will end up, work through it instead of settling.


This retrograde is going to be pushing you more into your work. The more time you spend getting things done the better. Things will finally begin looking up, so don’t let anything get you down during this time.


Stop trying to make decisions and plan things. If you haven’t already set it in stone you should put it off. This retrograde is going to affect your ability to choose the right paths in life. Don’t get too in over your head, see where things end up.


This retrograde is going to be helping you to feel much more at peace for once. You will be able to cut off people you have been meaning to cut off and your life will begin to make sense. As you clear your surroundings the more at home you will begin feeling.


This retrograde will have you feeling a lot more out of place than you thought it would. You need to work towards looking at things from an outside perspective even if it is harder than you want it to be. The more you spend your time with others the more confused you will be. You too will be feeling quite emotional.


This retrograde is going to be having you feeling as if everything is falling apart. You are going to really become quite overwhelmed and ready to get things done. While nothing is going to be resolved anytime soon, you should take comfort in knowing that things will work out in the end.