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In the midst of controversy after the Donald Trump administration was found to have hidden important climate change information from the public, and with diseases beginning to come back to life, as the permafrost melts- it seems we are truly beginning to see the effects of this dangerous event.

And if you were wondering what the Earth will look like, as global warming truly takes effect, keep reading.

As greenhouse gases pour into our atmosphere, oceans have tempered the effect. However, with the seas absorbing over 90 percent of the heat emitted by these gases, our oceans are also experiencing a drastic shift.

According to the National Geographic, in 2018, we experienced a new record for ocean heating. And while we often use climate change and global warming interchangeably, they aren’t. You see, climate change is the shift that explains how our global climate is shifting. And rising seas are one of the effects of climate change. With swelling of over 8 inches (ca. 20 cm) taking place since 1880, three of those have taken place just within the last 25 years.

And these effects are irreversible. As sea levels rise, and temperatures rise with them, we also are experiencing melting glaciers and the melting of the polar ice caps. With sea levels rising, some parts of the US will become desert, showing just how strange the effects of climate change truly are. In the following video, a map shows what the Earth will look like when the ice has all melted.

If you are laughing this off as a conspiracy theory, you may think differently after you see the video. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that we could see water levels rise by over a meter by the turn of the century. And for most of us, this will be completely devastating. Check out the video for yourself, but I promise, by the time it is over, you may have a brand-new outlook on climate change and global warming’s effects on our day to day lives.
The only way to stop this or at least slow it down, is to take action now.