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While it might not seem like much the order in which you were born can in many ways affect the way you might seem in relationships and other aspects of life. If you’re wondering why your siblings are different from you when it comes to how they treat love you might not need to dig as deep as you’d think.

As we grow throughout the years we all work to adapt. Some of us become strong and reliable whereas others tend to be more closed off and sporadic. When it comes to dating the middle child might end up being far more willing to cheat than the first born or even the last. While there will be exceptions to this you might be quite surprised at how accurate they are. Take a peek below and see what your birth order might have to say about you and your romantic tendencies.

Your Birth Order and Romantic Relationships, What’s It Like Dating You?

First Born

If you’re the firstborn of your siblings then you most likely know how to take charge big time. You are always going the extra mile in your relationships and were quick to settle down. You have been nurturing others for a very long time without even realizing it in some cases and so you’re quite good at it. You cannot help but put your heart into everything you do for your lover and because of this, you are a spectacular partner.

As the first child you always had to do your best to remain ‘put together’ and because of that, you are very goal oriented. You know what you want and are not going to let anyone else take it from you. That being said, dating you can be quite overwhelming for those who are on the flightier side of things. Your bossy side can sometimes drive those you care the most about to run away from you.

Middle Child

Being the middle child is not always the most ideal. Because you’re not the oldest or the youngest you tend to struggle with fitting in, this dividing you and your partner in many ways. You are great at compromising with others but only tend to be willing to do so after a serious fight. You are either very loyal or very wild and freedom seeking, there isn’t much room for in-between.

One of your major downsides is that you allow your expectations to take you to a level most others would not imagine. When it comes to being with you, the fact that your partner never knows what to expect can be both a good and a bad thing. Going with the flow is not something that you can always maintain properly and it is something that you seriously need to work on.

Last Born

Being the last born child is something that has done you far more favors than you might be aware of. You are quite entitled and very much full of energy. You always make sure that you’re getting what you want and when it comes to dating you don’t really consider the feelings of others as often as you should.

You’re far too wild for your own good and it makes those who care for you the most very uneasy. While you’re the life of the party, you’re also quite the heartbreaker. However, the hopelessly romantic side of you is going to kick in when you least expect for it too.

Only Child

If you’re an only child you are quite lucky in a number of ways. You are a hard worker and know when to take time for yourself. You keep your friends and lover close instead of choosing one over the other which is something most others struggle with. Being with you is like taking a breath of fresh air, your partner is comfortable and safe in all possible ways.

In the past, you may have assumed that being an only child was holding you back but the truth is it was pushing you forward. You may struggle with expressing your emotions from time to time but overall you’re easy to communicate with and always willing to listen. You’re a very good catch and anyone who gets the chance to date you will grasp that quickly.

Somewhere Inbetween (For Those With Many Siblings)

Sometimes we are born into a family full of children and end up somewhere in an ocean of confusion, when this happens we end up a bit more rebellious than the rest but overall quite unique. If you were born in-between one of the other things listed above you’re probably someone who demands a lot of attention in your relationships. You’re a good partner but also not the best when it comes to accepting your own shortcomings.

You set yourself up to fail far more than you should and you do not allow your heart to reveal itself to those who truly care for you until they are already headed out the door. You have a lot of finding yourself to do before you are able to settle down properly but once you’re where you need to be you will be just as cliche as you have always wanted to be. You’re the most loving of all of the birth orders listed and once you’re ready to share that part of yourself with someone special, the love life you end up with will be like that out of a movie scene.