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When you think of Antarctica, you most likely think of a very cold place but most people are unable to grasp just how cold it really is. What do you think might happen if you tried to cook outside in -94°F?

There are a number of researchers actually living in Antarctica and one of them has been taking the internet by storm with his photos of what happens when he tries to cook food outdoors. His name is Cyprien Verseux and he is an Astrobiologist and Glaciologist. The conditions in Antarctica don’t make cooking outside very easy. They are the driest, coldest, and windiest conditions of all continents on the planet.

Within seconds the food Verseux tries to prepare freezes. While it isn’t exactly convenient it does make for some very interesting photographs. The conditions in Antarctica are so severe that the few who do go there (scientists and so forth) have to live in man-made shelter stations completely cut off from the rest of the world (aside from the web). When you really think about this, of course cooking outdoors would be complicated but would you ever have thought that eggs would literally freeze as they come out of their shells?

The base that Verseux is stationed on is Concordia Station and there he has taken some of the most interesting gravity-defying photos. While many would assume that the extremely low temperatures would only affect liquids or goopy substances they’re wrong, even ramen noodles freeze quickly in these conditions. Because the outside air lacks oxygen and is so dry things are pretty damn intense.

This specific station is so remote that you cannot get to it with a vehicle and rations are brought in for months at a time. Electricity is produced with diesel generators and heat comes as a by-product of that. According to Quartz, without satellite internet in this kind of place would be impossible and as is it is quite inconsistent.

While Verseux does some pretty important research and is in Antarctica for a reason his ‘cooking’ hobby really is something we can all enjoy. Could you imagine going three whole months without seeing the sun? Verseux can and has. Things like this are a good reminder of how well off we are in our current locations. Could you imagine living in these conditions?

To see some of the images captured by Verseux please take a peek below. Aren’t they mind-blowing? I for one am quite thankful that I don’t have to call Antarctica my home.

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