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April’s full pink moon is coming and with it also comes some pretty intense energies. In just a few days on the 19th, this full moon will be creating a lot of tension in our lives and perhaps also highlighting the faults in our relationships.

Each and every zodiac sign is going to be facing something different as these energies take charge in our lives. Below I am going to go over what each of us should be expecting and perhaps what we should be working to avoid. During the time that this full moon takes place a lot will be going on in the celestial world and it’s bound to shake things up.


You’re starving for attention and yet aren’t doing anything to get it. You need to open up more during the course of this full moon. You cannot keep expecting everyone else to be able to read your mind. We are only human.


You need to come to terms with the things you’ve done in your past. Your past does not define you and you are not the same person now that you were years ago. Moving on doesn’t have to be so complicated and the energies this full moon is bringing can help if you really want them to.


Now is the time for you to really open up and say you are sorry. If you keep things as they are you’re not going to be able to move forward in the ways that you want to. While you had good intentions, those didn’t go far and you need to own up to it. This full moon is going to show you a side of yourself you have not seen in a long time.


During the time that this full moon is in control of your life, you should be working to really get through the pain you’ve been holding onto. For you, full moons are almost always moments in which you can let loose emotionally. Perhaps you need a good cry and some time alone.


This full moon is going to have you looking deeper into the people around you. Rather than allowing those closest to you to take advantage of you or use your name, you’re going to be closing your circle for a little while. Sometimes it is better to just have a few real friends than it is to have a ton that you aren’t able to read.


You’re always running from your problems but they’re about to catch up to you. Address the issues as they come forth and stop hiding. The things happening during the time that this full moon is present will be able to help you become a better version of yourself.


You’re about to uncover something you would have never imagined. As you have heard before, the truth always comes out. Keep your ears ready for what might be to come. You’re not going to like it but you really need to hear what’s going to be said. Really let these words sink in and take them to heart.


You’re finally going to be feeling like you’re getting a breath of fresh air. During the time that this full moon is before you, you are going to be relaxed and without stress which is exactly what you’ve been needing. Give yourself some time for self-care while you can and embrace all that this full moon is offering you.


This full moon for you is going to be all about growth. You’re going to be feeling a lot of stress during the time that you’re under the influence of this full moon and it’s going to have you ready to pull your hair out. Don’t hold back during this time, if you need to do something do it.


Changes are going to be popping up out of nowhere and really coming into your life at the worst possible moments. You’re going to be feeling pretty down in the dumps and as if nothing is going right but you need to remember that the bad things in your life all happen for a reason. We grow in some of the most amazing ways when we go through tough times.


You’re going to be feeling a lot freer during the time that this full moon is before you. Your life is about to seriously change and you’re going to be thrown through a loop you would have never expected. Remaining grounded through this freedom is something you should do your best to achieve.


While you’re normally pretty straightforward this full moon is going to have you feeling like it’s hard to figure out what you want to say. You’re not going to feel like yourself for a few weeks and rushing things is going to be making huge problems. During this time you need to take a step back and give yourself some time to relax.