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The full moon of November is going to be in Gemini and take place on November 23rd. For most of us, this is going to bring forth a lot of tension.

This full moon will have a lot of us losing our tempers and really bringing forth a lot of stress that we might not want. During this full moon, each sign is going to be experiencing something a bit different from the next so if you want to know what might be headed your way look for your sign below. While you should be aware, do remember not to obsess over these things.


This full moon is going to be turning your world upside down in a few ways. You’re going to be feeling more connected with the people around you but also stressed about how to move forward. You might notice yourself more focused on your family and significant other during this time which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Give yourself a break and spend some time celebrating with those you care about. Even as you lose yourself in this full moon you will be finding things you never thought you would. Be a bit more outspoken and see what happens.


This full moon is going to have you wondering where you need to go from here. You are facing a real issue in regards to your finances but it will all work out. Taking a break and thinking things through will do you good. You have all the answers you’re looking for already you just don’t realize it.


This full moon is going to be really working wonders in your life. You will be feeling much more powerful and rightfully so. You might literally feel as if everything you’ve ever wanted is making its way to you but don’t let your guard down completely.

You are going to be facing your own challenges in the days following this full moon. Your passions are about to take center stage and something interesting is going to make itself known. Get all done up and see what happens, you were made for this.


This full moon is not going to be the best in your eyes. It is going to be making you feel quite out of place. You are going to be deep in an argument with someone you really care about and you need to do your best to take care of that.


This full moon is going to bring you to a question that you need to work an answer out for. You are going to be very inspired by the things and people in your life but you aren’t going to be sure about what direction you need to move forth in. Take everything into consideration and make a decision based off of what is best for you not what makes everyone else happy. You matter and you need to keep that in mind.


This full moon is going to clear up any misunderstandings you’ve been faced with. You are going to be withdrawing from the people around you and beginning to understand yourself better. You are going to be noticing a heightened sense of intuition and be guided to really reflect more on your dreams.

Don’t hold yourself back. Your finances are finally in order and you’re ready to make a leap forward. Things are about to get better for you if you continue to work hard.


This full moon is going to have you confused about which direction you need to go in. You are going to be looking at all possibilities and wondering which one would be the best for you in the end. Don’t share your thoughts with too many people during this time. The energies of this full moon might have you wanting to open up but you always tend to open up to people you shouldn’t open up to.

The more guarded you are in the days that follow the full moon, the better. If you’re in the middle of an argument just let things go and allow the other person to win. You shouldn’t risk losing someone you love over something so small.


This full moon might really break you down without you realizing it. You are going to be working to heal your past through the energies before you. During this full moon, you need to remember that you matter and that self-care is important.


This full moon is going to be reminding you that you hold a lot of power within your being. You will be spending a lot of time thinking about a serious issue that is before you. Don’t let things get you too down in the dumps, whatever you decide will work out in your favor. If you happen to lose focus remind yourself of that inner power and keep going.


This full moon is going to have you really wondering why you have been feeling the things you have been feeling lately. You will be finally seeing the connections before you and realizing how small most of them really are. Anything that has been bothering you will seem intensified during the full moon so you should spend most of it trying to relax as best you can.


This full moon will bring your enemies out of the woodworks. You will find people who don’t seem to like you saying and doing things to bring you down. Do not give them power over you. Do what you do best, cut those people out of your life. They do not deserve to be in your presence.


This full moon might have you wondering if you’re doing the right things in life. If you have to ask yourself then chances are you need some change. Allow your feelings to flow during this time but when talking to others remember that you need to be as direct as possible. With Mercury retrograding ways of communications are not as they should be.

Image via Soul Travel Rules