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August’s New Moon is almost here and the closer it gets the more powerful the energies it holds will be. This new moon is going to take place on the 30th and will be present in the sign Virgo.

This new moon will be the best one we have had in a long time. It will bring forth renewing energy for those who are in need of one and bring excitement where it is necessary. The stronger your will is the more beneficial these energies will be moving forward. While each sign might have different things coming towards them, we are all going to be gaining positivity in some of the best ways.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should be expected as time passes and this new moon makes its way here. Whether you are ready for change or not, it is before you. Perhaps now is the time to really come out of your shell.


You’re going to be spending a lot of the time that this new moon is holding power over you working to really relax as best you can. You are always working hard and overdoing yourself but never giving yourself time to really nourish your well-being. Giving yourself a break will work wonders in your life, don’t hesitate to stop and smell the roses.


This new moon is going to be frustrating in a lot of ways for you but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps focusing on your loved ones and really finding the best possible means of bettering not only their lives but your life with them present in it. Happiness isn’t as complex as you make it out to be and the sooner you realize how important being surrounded by those who care is the better.


The new moon to come is going to knock your socks off quite literally. You’re going to be really coming out of your shell more than usual and working to find yourself in ways you otherwise would never. Sure, you feel like the world is falling apart but maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.


This new moon is a reminder for you that not everything lasts forever. You’re going to be coming to terms with a lot of lessons you’ve been ignoring as this new moon makes its way here. On the night of the new moon maybe you need to spend some time alone.


The new moon headed our way is all about new beginnings for you. You’re going to be really changing in ways that leave everyone around you speechless. As a very egotistical person realizing that you are not the center of the universe might be a step in the direction, you need to head.


This new moon is going to offer you a sense of safety that you’ve been lacking. You’re going to be feeling quite at home and comfortable for the first time in a long time. Embrace this and really work to push these energies and positive reinforcements into other areas of your life.


This new moon might be one that finally leaves you on your own. While you’re very dependent on the people in your life they are not going to be by your side forever. At some point, you have to get things done on your own.


The new moon headed our way is going to remind you how stressed out you are and how much of a moment to breathe you really need. Learning to stop and take a moment for yourself through all of the chaos is a lesson you’ve been needing for quite some time, do not ignore it.


This new moon is the perfect opportunity for you to clear your mind and find some peace. Be as unapologetically you as you possibly can and see where things go. People are going to be much more drawn to you than you might realize.


The new moon we’re about to see is going to be one that leaves you quite exhausted. While welcomed by others you are shunned by those who are supposed to call you their friends. This is no way to move forth, cut ties and really work.


This new moon is going to offer you a lot of comforts. While usually, you’re dealing with any feet or tired eyes but while this new moon is present resting isn’t going to be as simple as you feel it should be. Finding your common ground with those before you is going to be crucial.


As a Pisces, you have a lot going for you. This new moon should work as a reminder of the things you’re going through. Regardless of the pain and suffering, you are worthy of so much. Sometimes, addressing the issues is the best possible option, point-blank.