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Astrologically speaking, we have endured some pretty major cosmic events that have triggered major energetic waves for each and every one of us. And while I would love to say that things were finally coming to a halt, if I did I would be lying because we are in the midst of a transcendental portal that will leave us all forever changed.

While we have endured the chaotic energies of last years retrograde extravaganza, followed by eclipse season, and even an extremely rare alignment of the planets, we are in the midst of a strange portal that is urging us all to finally take the plunge to change whatever it is that holds us back from becoming our best possible self.

Last month, we saw a super full moon in Libra, and we will have yet another Libra full moon in April to look forward to. Sandwiched between these two full moons lies the new moon in Aries.

Spiritually, Libra is the sign of balance, judgment, and equality. It is one that seeks justice and balance in all facets of life. And Aries is the sign that is constantly hustling to get things done.

While Aries may seem pushy, or even aggressive, they will not allow anything to stand in the way of their goals. Because of this, the new moon in Aries is considered to be one of manifestation.

Basically, the universe is telling us we need to take a good look at ourselves and change or be changed.

If you are wondering how these energies may affect you, it could benefit you to take a look at the astrological forecast ahead. Who better to seek advice from then the planets themselves, as it is their energy that continues to shake things up.


Ironically, the assertive energies of the Aries new moon may almost equate to two positive forces being negative. While you are constantly pushing forward like the ram, this energy may cause you to be a bit too impulsive about changing things up, so take a step back and move forward cautiously. As long as you keep this in mind, you should be fine.


While you may have been emotionally and psychologically stuck in the past months because of the overwhelming energies associated with the recent cosmic changes, the new moon in Aries is going to have you motivated to get sh*t done! Use this motivational energy to ‘clean house’ in your life and to get yourself on track to making this the best year yet!


The new moon in Aries may cause set off a few fireworks in your 11th House of Friends, according to the Astrologists at Because of this, your well-laid plans may shake things up in your relationships, causing you to encounter conflict. Instead of lashing back, take the time to explain your plans and goals. In many cases, this will be the key to overcoming resistance.


You may have noticed lately, but this particular portal is probably causing a lot of chaos in your career/work life, and this is not without reason! You have been extremely focused in your career, which can cause your competitors to get on the defense quickly. Or, you may be feeling a push to work harder- which in turn will leave you conflicted if you are unsure of how to interpret this powerful energy.


In the past, you have been plagued with the despite to explore new territories both mentally and physically. Your heart longs to live outside the box and to experience life as you imagine it should be. On April 5th, the energy will be pushing more than ever before for you to finally make this happen. Take advantage of this energy.


The new moon in Aries will give you the perfect opportunity to finally break free of the mental blocks that keep you from getting outside of your comfort zone and knocking some items off of your bucket list. Stop getting comfortable and remaining in the safe zone, as there are so many experiences to be had on the outside of your happy bubble.


Libra, you are really in an interesting position right now, with the Libra full moon of March, and the Libra full moon in April. Right now, the universe is saying to stop bouncing between the constant inner juggle you make (to keep things balanced, between standing your ground and being busy, or by standing on the sidelines to keep the peace. Right now is the time to stop struggling between these two roadblocks and to start reaching for the things that you want with grace and confidence. If you do so, your 7th House of partners paired with the energy of Aries will provide you some surprising new spice in your love life!


You know that awful vice that you have needed to let go of for eons? Expect some major signs to be headed your way to finally take the plunge. And taking the plunge now will give you better results than any other time, as the planetary energy will be on your side.


Your adventurous soul and this transcendental energy will mesh together in your favor. If you have been hesitating to take a new adventure, now is the time to do it. Stop hesitating, and have fun!


For many of you, recent events may have led you to be around the house more, whether by choice or by extenuating circumstances. Despite your urge to get out and do things outside of your home, the influencing energies of this new moon would be the perfect time to make your home more comfortable by changing some things up with some home improvements.


Your motivation is on point, but outside forces may have you on edge. Don’t lose your cool- keep your composure, and demonstrate the ideas that are surfacing in your mind and motivating your hustle.


Aries is really pushing for you to stop letting others rule over your life. Take charge of your destiny, and don’t allow people to call the shots in your life. This is a two-sided coin though, meaning that when you put yourself in a position of dependence, instead of taking charge of your own destiny.