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It is a common theme among young people that they hate when their parents show them affection in public. Many find it embarrassing but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The internet has become a place of hate and negativity, but sometimes we find a glimmering light to shine through all the dark. Facebook page Curiosidades 10 compiled a video of heartwarming reunions between soldiers and their families. So brace yourselves and pull out the tissues because this is going to be a real tearjerker!

People do not realize what they have or how much they love someone until they do not get to see them for extended periods of times. This is doubly so for the families of soldiers because they never know if their loved ones are going to come home or not. Please use the following as a message to let the people you love know that you love them while they are here.

If you haven’t talked to your parents recently call them or go see them. Never let silly fights or fiery emotions halt the bond that you share with the people that you care about. We are all imperfect humans, remember that!

Thank you to Curiosidades 10 for the heartwarming video!