As technology gets more and more progressed we’re seeing some pretty amazing things. While you may have not heard about this, back in 2016 a GoPro camera managed to actually survive being swallowed by lava. 

I know the idea that anything could survive such an ordeal is mind-blowing but it did happen. Sure, we all knew GoPros were made to be durable but being this durable is a bit out there, wouldn’t you agree? Stories of this event are making their rounds again and while a bit older they still leave many in awe. Basically, someone by the name of Erik Storm who happens to own and lead Kilauea EcoGuides which is a Hawaiian tour operation sat his GoPro HERO4 down in a crevice and was using it to record the flow of lava but unlike previous times that he had done this, the ‘molten rock was flowing faster than usual’ according to National Geographic.

Not paying attention Storm did not notice that the lava had eaten his GoPro until he noticed a flame from the crack where he had placed it and by then, it was too late. While it was sad to lose the equipment, not all was lost as it did still record the whole process of being ‘eaten’ by the lava. Even while melted and burning it was able to function. 

It is crazy to think that this piece of technology was engulfed in lava that usually sits at a temperature of anywhere from 1292 Fahrenheit to 2192 Fahrenheit as noted by The Independent back when this ordeal was made public. Sure, lava might not look like much but it is extremely dangerous and yet beautiful all the while. 

National Geographic wrote as follows about all of this:

Storm’s GoPro met a fiery demise but the guide was able to hack the camera out of the crevice with his rock hammer and retrieve the footage while the rock cooled. After about 20 minutes, he says the camera body was cool enough to handle with leather gloves, so he swaddled it in a towel and brought it back home with him.

He still keeps the camera’s housing—which is, ironically, waterproof—in his office, though he’s disposed of the battery properly and took the remaining carnage to a technology recycling center.

Now, Storm has three GoPro cameras, which he uses for volcano tours and surfing. National Geographic contacted GoPro, Inc. for comment but the company did not return any requests by the time this article went to press.

Sure, this camera isn’t as functional as it once was but the fact that the footage was able to be retrieved and it did stay mostly intact is pretty out there. To see the remarkable footage captured by this GoPro as it was eaten up by lava take a peek below. It’s quite the treat and while Storm won’t be leaving any GoPros out to be eaten from here on out it was a very special mistake.

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