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Right now is the worst time to be carrying your babies out and about but this Chinese dad seems to have come up with the perfect way to do so if it is necessary. He is a father of a merely 2-month-old infant and to keep that infant safe he created something mind-blowing.

This man’s name according to Reuters is Cao Junjie who is 30 years old. He is using one of those interesting looking bubble cat carriers made an air-quality monitoring baby carrier. The air quality monitoring part is very important as it will let him know if the levels of carbon dioxide inside of the carrier were to get higher than they should be. While initially, his wife was iffy about how comfortable and usable it would be for them and their baby, it proved to come in handy big time.

Cao told Reuters as follows on why he did this:

“Because of the epidemic, I spent a month making this baby safety pod for my kid… It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby.”

This pod has an electronic fan system inside of it which keeps things as they should be inside of the pod. It even has gloves built into the side so that the baby can be nursed without contact if they are out and need to do do. Cao even hopes to produce more of these at a mass scale for others to utilize during this time, but we don’t know how that will work out just yet.

Regardless though it is a creative and wonderful way to protect babies during times like this. Lots of people have offered to buy the device from him or to pay and have him make them some as well. When we’re facing pandemics like this it’s had to take your baby outside when you need to and to still feel that he or she is safe. Inside of this pod, Cao’s baby can breathe filtered air and honestly, the creation is pretty impressive. 

To see this baby pod for yourself check out the video below. In this video, Cao explains more about it and really goes into some of the smaller details. Would you consider using something like this during times like what we’re presently facing?