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While the idea of being paid to sleep might sound great, there are some downsides. Sure, this startup’s whole knitch might seem easy but sleeping for 9 hours a day for 100 days is no easy feat.

The startup referred to above is known as Wakefit, and they are looking for people who are able to sleep for 9 hours per day for 100 days and get paid to do it. They are willing to pay around one thousand USD to those who are capable and do make it through properly and with that, we assume many responses have been garnered. Considering this is a job that might not require much effort many are ready to sign up.

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda who happens to be the director and co-founder of Wakefit told Business Insider as follows in regards to this whole ordeal:

“We are looking to recruit the best sleepers in the country who are willing to go to any lengths to make sleep a priority in their lives. The Sleep Internship initiative aims to bring back the focus on sleep health by celebrating and applauding people who obsess about sleeping well.”

“This initiative is another step towards making sleep an integral part of maintaining a work-life balance in our lives,”

On their website, Wakefit notes that the dress code regarding this ‘job’ is pajamas and that the people being considered need to have a passion for sleep. They must be able to fall asleep at night with ease and be able to remain asleep for a ‘long’ period of time. While ‘just sleeping’ might sound simple enough you have to consider the equipment that will likely be used on each person and so forth which tends to throw many off in regards.

Vice wrote as follows in regards to the opportunity Wakefit is providing some:

One of the only conditions for the job is that you will have to bid goodbye to binge-watching your favorite TV shows because laptops are not allowed during working hours, and people who aren’t into watching multiple episodes without getting bored are preferred. The qualifications also list out someone who has “the ability to blissfully ignore phone notifications at night”, with the company saying it is looking for candidates who have a history of falling asleep during class—a skill we never thought would take us a long way. They have also said that people who tend to snore would be at a disadvantage over those who don’t

The idea is to monitor people’s sleep patterns by making them lie down on the startup’s newest range of mattresses that will not only track their sleep before and after they use the product, but also offer counseling sessions for those who may have trouble getting some shut-eye.

Wakefit is the same company that has been actively advocating for all offices in India to install nap rooms at the workplace after a survey conducted by them revealed that 86 percent of Indians feel they would be more productive with one. Looks like this is one job you can do with your eyes shut. Literally.

What do you think about all of this? Could you manage to sleep for 9 hours each day for 100 days? I feel like I could but who knows, perhaps it is more complicated than it may seem. While sleep studies might seem like a quick way to grab some cash, they are usually anything but.