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If your partner snores a lot, chances are you don’t get as much sleep as you would like or your sleep isn’t as deep as it should be. While most remedies for snoring don’t seem to help, this one might actually make a difference. 

This device is known as the Somnibel and is basically a buzzer that ‘buzzes’ your partner when they’re lying on their back. For those who might not be aware, most people tend to snore more when lying on their backs. This meaning that when they get ‘buzzed’ they will likely roll over and thus stop snoring. 

According to The Sun, this device was created by a team of scientists in Spain and is a small but effective device. It’s designed to help people who suffer from things like OSA – obstructive sleep apnea. OSA if you’re not familiar is a disorder that causes a person to stop and start breathing all while asleep at different times. People with OSA tend to snore a lot and more people have it than you’d expect. 

This small device attaches to the forehead of those who need it and sends out vibrations when the wearer is on his or her back. This device continues to vibrate until the wearer rolls over onto his or her side. This concept is a form of positional therapy and because the device is so simple and comfortable it is a great concept for many. 

Somnibel therapy according to their website can be described as follows:

Comprises a small and light device that sticks to the forehead and applies a light vibration when you sleep in the supine position, this induces you to change position, thus reducing the occurrence of respiratory events. It represents a great step forward in comfort for patients with positional OSA and snoring.

The intensity of vibration increases the longer you spend time on your back and leads up to four different levels. It even has a Delayed EasySleep function for those who cannot fall asleep unless they’re on their backs. This meaning you have about 15 minutes after putting your device on to fall asleep before it urges you to roll over. 

This device is quite innovative and could change the lives of many across the globe. It will improve blood oxygen saturation, reduce the number of apneas, improve arterial hypertension and more according to which honestly are all good reasons to give it a try. If you’re interested in this device check out the video below to get more information on it.