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Technology is constantly advancing and we are always learning about new amazing gadgets but this one is truly phenomenal. While swimming really fast might not sound that interesting, once you see this jetpack in action you will be wanting one.

The x2 Sport is the first high-performance wearable underwater jetpack. It allows all who try it out to really push their boundaries and go much deeper than they would be able to otherwise. It is a creation from Super Marinovation and can reach top speeds of about six miles per hour depending on the weight and body type of the person using it. It can work for about 60 minutes on a single charge and makes everything much more exciting.

Super Marinovation wrote as follows about this product on their website:

The x2 Sport is a wearable personal underwater propulsion device that redefines the way in which we interact with the marine environment. Replicating the freedom of movement previously only available to Skydivers, the x2 allows you to push your boundaries by going deeper and further than ever before.

Turn yourself into a human torpedo and tear through the water. The powerful Hydra thrusters mounted on your forearms deliver incredible thrust when you need it and put you in total control. The x2 Sport doesn’t just give you the freedom to explore, it provides an exciting experience as you do.

Now, you can’t purchase this product just yet but in time it will be available to us all. Its first stance was on Indigogo and from there it is well on its way to being brought into the world of water fun. Not only will this aid those who love to go snorkeling and things of the sort but it will also prove to be quite the entertaining toy for those who love to be in the water. You could race others or simply have fun on your own.

As you will see, in action it is quite fascinating to watch. With this, you too could swim as fast as those who take part in the Olympics.

(Image Via: Youtube)