We all know that as the years continue to pass technology and what we as humans are capable of is getting a bit scary but it seems one thing as of late is being used for good. While we’ve had ‘jet packs’ for a long time paramedics have recently started testing ‘jet suits’ that will allow them to fly up mountains when needed.

According to CNN the ‘world’s first jet suit-wearing paramedic’ could end up being present in the United Kingdom somewhere in Lake District. This as that is where this testing has taken place or so it seems and well, this suit itself is quite impressive. It is known as the 1050 brake horsepower jet suit and will make getting up rough terrain like the mountain much easier and quicker for those who need to rescue/help others.

BBC wrote as follows on this interesting jet suit:

After a year of talks between GNAAS and Gravity Industries, a first test flight was carried out in the Lake District.

Andy Mawson, director of operations at GNAAS, came up with the idea and described seeing it as “awesome”.

He said it meant a paramedic could “fly” to a fell top in 90 seconds rather than taking 30 minutes on foot.

Mr. Mawson said: “There are dozens of patients every month within the complex but relatively small geographical footprint of the Lakes.

“We could see the need. What we didn’t know for sure is how this would work in practice. Well, we’ve seen it now and it is, quite honestly, awesome.”

Mr. Mawson said the exercise had demonstrated the huge potential of using jet suits to deliver critical care services.

When it comes to something like this, speed makes a huge difference. Getting to someone who is hurt and in need of assistance is hard when it comes to climbing mountains and things of that sort but with this, the time it would take to hike up is cut drastically. What would take an hour normally would only take a matter of minutes with this kind of suit present. That really could save far more lives than most realize.

While this is a huge step towards something amazing, as time passes things may get much more advanced. Who knows what may come after this kind of thing and how it will help the people of the future. I for one think things like this are mind-blowing and powerful for a lot of reasons. While this suit was ‘invented’ back in 2018 the fact that it only took roughly 2 years to get ready for testing is fascinating.

To see this suit in action take a look below. What do you think about all of this? I for one am excited to see where this goes and how many places across the world end up using things of this sort as time passes.

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