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While a lot of people think getting old means you’re basically doomed to being stuck at home and not being very active this elderly woman proves them all wrong. If you take care of yourself there is nothing you cannot do.

Her name is Dona Geralda Barbosa and she is in her late 60s. When she noticed her health beginning to decline she started going to the gym and since then has become quite the internet sensation. She made physical activity a big part of her routine several years ago and now is doing wonderfully because of it.

She lives in the state of Espirito Santo and has been able to maintain her independence through exercise. Without this, she would have already been very weak in her older age. Chances are you may have seen videos going around of her working the bar and boy are they fantastic!

She told a local news team as follows:

“What I want is to stand up and be independent and that’s my motivation. My concern is with this old age that is coming because I do not want anyone to have to carry me, I do not want to give work to anyone. I do three times a week because we have to rest.”

The fact that she is capable of doing so much really speaks volumes. Taking care of your body will make a huge difference in the quality of life you live when you are older. Doing something as simple as joining a gym can have drastic effects.

To see her in action feel free to check out the videos below. Geralda is clearly quite the athlete and is going to be able to do so much more throughout her years. As long as she doesn’t overdo herself this is a very amazing thing for her. What do you think? I guess age really is just a number.

(Image Via: Youtuber)

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