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The human mind is a very complex machine, with both a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. While the conscious parts of our mind are typically more obvious to us, the real depth of our soul is typically hidden in our subconscious.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of our subconscious mind is how we can gain access to it through imagery. Psychotherapists and psychoanalysts alike have come to realize that symbology and imagery are the keys that provide us access to our inner mind. Think about it: have you ever been feeling something so deeply and so profoundly, only to peer into a major work of art that provoked a thought deep within that you were unaware of only moments before?

Below, I have provided some images that could be seen in several ways. Look at the image and then go with the first thing you see. The first thing you see with unlocking insights about your true self.


What do you see?

Do you see the rabbit or the duck?

If you saw the rabbit first, you are a more rational-minded person. Instead of going with your gut, you tend to weigh out all of the options first and then decide what works best.

If you saw the duck first, you are more creative. You have the soul of an artist, and instead of weighing things out, you like to go with your heart and intuition.


Do you see the boat or the crocodile?

If you saw the boat first, you are more detail-oriented. You tend to study every little detail of things and when working on a project, you tend to take your time to make sure things are done right.

If you saw the crocodile first, you are a big-picture type of thinker. You tend to look at the overall picture, rather than the little details, so you oftentimes see things that end up missed by those who focus on the tiny details.


Which ball is larger?

If the ball in the front appears to be larger to you, you are someone who does not like to be the center of attention or the leader. Despite that, people still tend to come to you with their problems and seek out your advice for their problems.

If you saw the ball in the back as larger, you are a natural-born leader. You don’t mind at all being the center of attention. And you have a keen eye for detail.


Did you see the old man or the woman?

If you saw the old man, you are a worried wort. Oftentimes, you get so bogged down with worry that you have a hard time moving forward. You are a deeply empathetic person.

If you saw the woman first, you are quick on their feet. You like to solve problems quickly, and are very calculated and analytical.

This one is a bit more complex…


Did you see the baby, a couple, or trees first?

If you saw the trees, you are someone who loves a good adventure. You are more extroverted and love change. You crave new experiences and hate sitting in your comfort zone.

If you saw the couple first, you are someone who loves taking the role of the leader and taking charge. You are very organized and strong-minded and you value working on a team versus working alone.

If you saw the baby first, you are a very loving person. You are always trying to help others, even when it’s a major sacrifice for you. Whenever a friend or family member needs help, you can always be counted on to be there.