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When you lose a loved one things will never be the same, that much is true. Your life in many ways will become quite different and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Whether you’ve lost a parent, lover, or even a close friend you’re not going to move through life in the same way. It’s very hard to see someone you care about fade away or to hear that they’ve suddenly passed but in this world that’s quite common. Someday all the people who matter to you will be gone and you can’t just get them back.

Below I am going to go over some things that change when we lose someone. While some of these things help us cope others make the pain sting even more. Losing someone is never easy, but we should all find comfort in the fact that someday we will all find one another again.

11 Things That Change When You Lose A Loved One:

1. You become more willing to live your life to the fullest.

You realize that life is short and that we need to make the most of the time we have here on this planet. Instead of wasting away you get things done and have your fun. Tomorrow is not promised and you’ve finally realized that.

2. You start showing more people how important they are to you and in your life.

Because of how things happened you realize that you need to make more time for the people who matter. You spend time making sure they know how important they are and do not take them for granted. Sure, in the past you would overlook people but not now.

3. Unlike most, you become jealous of those who still have their loved ones around.

Now, when you see people out with their loved ones you are a bit jealous. You wish you still had your loved one with you and were able to go do things with him or her. You wish you had appreciated him or her more when their heart was still beating.

4. You learn that healing is something that takes a lot of time.

Healing takes a lot of time and it will come when you’re least expecting it. While you thought you would not be as devastated as you are, there is no denying what you’re feeling. This kind of thing will get better but you have to work towards a sense of normal.

5. You begin to come to terms with the fact that holidays will never be the same.

The holidays on all occasions will be quite different now. That person will no longer be around and things will be quite cold. Instead of having things at their house now they will be held elsewhere.

6. On hard days you’ll still be trying to or wanting to call and keep in check with this person even though they’re gone.

You still find yourself trying to call or text this person even though they’re long gone. When something good happens they’re the first person you want to tell but you can’t do that anymore. Not like you once did anyways.

7. You become a shell of yourself for a long while.

When you lose someone you love you at least for a while are not yourself. You become a different version, more like a shell. Getting back to normal takes a lot of time and will never happen overnight.

8. You cling to memories that you otherwise would never give a second thought.

In the past, you didn’t think much about the things you’ve done with this person but now that he or she is gone you cannot help but reminisce. You’re constantly thinking of different things that you once did together and even the smallest thing can trigger them to be on your mind. You miss them so much and your memories are all that’s left.

9. As a person, you will become much weaker than before and have to work on finding your strength again.

We are all very strong but when things like this happen we become quite weak. You are going to be able to find your strength once again someday but that day is not today. Things are going to be hard for a while before they get better.

10. You become bitter at the world even if just for a little while.

Instead of being able to get back to normal quickly you’re sulking in bitterness. While you might not have been facing this kind of thing for long it feels like it’s been forever. There is nothing wrong with being bitter at the world for a little while.

11. You can no longer turn to that person when you need them.

Now that this person is gone you won’t be able to turn to them anymore. When you need someone they are not going to be there. Sure, their spirit may still be with you but things won’t ever actually be the same.