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It’s officially the beginning of eclipse season, it began on April 30, with a solar eclipse. Now, we are on the verge of a total lunar eclipse that is going to fall under the sign of Scorpio on May 15.

Since all total lunar eclipses take place under a full moon, the energy of this event is going to be extremely significant. Making it even more significant is the fact that it is also a blood moon eclipse. Plus, did I forget to mention it’s considered a flower moon as well? I told you, it’s a lot!

Firstly, full moons are extremely deep experiences, making the need for culmination and release. Blood moons also carry an energy of release, pushing us to let go of what no longer serves us, so we can make way for much-needed and fated change.

While eclipses tend to deal with fate, we may not have control over every situation that takes place during this time, but we have power over our own choices and actions. Focus on what you can control throughout this, and you will make it through stronger than ever. The energy of this situation is to let go or be pushed.

Additionally, because Scorpio is a sign of transformation, there will be an additional energetic push. Scorpio’s energy dives deep, pushing us to face our darkest selves. A lot of the energy during this time will be pushing us to face issues of control, power, and secrecy.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon is also known as a Flower Moon because of the flowers that bloom during this time. All around us, life is springing forth, blooming full force, and showing off and showing out. This aspect of the cycle of life tells us more than anything about transformation. Just a few months ago, in the dead of winter, the world was cold and still, and now everything is back alive, in full swing. There’s nothing more powerful or amazing a sign that life is neverending and that change is possible than the signs surrounding us in nature during this time.

The flower moon reminds us of this fact.

Rather than work in ritual or spell work during this time, it’s better to use this time to meditate and work on your growth. Eclipses already work in fated and transformative change. It’s best to approach this time with a mindset of release. What old habits are still lingering around that are holding you back? Light a candle, make a plan, and follow through with your intentions.