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Through a very interesting process and the more you learn about them the more blown away you will become. 

These photographs were taken by Linden Gledhill who is an artist that explores things most others would never think of. He brings science into the mix and uses things like advanced microscopy and high speeds to create some of the most beautiful things you will ever find. 

His ‘about’ section present on states as follows:

Linden Gledhill is an artist who explores the physical world at different image scales and fragments of time. His education in science has led to the use of advanced microscopy and high-speed equipment to create unexpected imagery revealing the physical beauty which surrounds us. 

A passion for photography has led to numerous collaborations with other artists and designers resulting in promotional artwork and effective advertisement campaigns. His work can be found in a wide range of products including books, snowboards, record sleeves, promotional video, and apparel. Corporate clients included ExxonMobil, GMC, Canon, British Telecom and musicians such as Ryan Teague and Jon Hopkins. In addition, an extensive selection of archive images are available for licensing and printing and can be viewed at

You see, Gledhill is a pharmaceutical biochemist who also lets his creative side out here and there. Through playing with a small dish of liquid and using something called a cymascope to blast it with sound, vibrations are made within the water. These vibrations when photographed within the water and how the water reacts to them create the amazing photos this article is all about. 

By using a high-frame-rate camera he slows things down and shows us exactly what is happening. Sure, that might sound a bit complicated but either way, it’s fascinating. This kind of thing truly is mesmerizing. 

Gledhill told Business Insider as follows about this process:

“It allows you to see the individual vibration states throughout the cycle. That’s pretty cool. Typically, you don’t get to see that.”

“Typically what you see if a fixed pattern or a changing pattern based on the frequencies you play through the liquid.”

“They’re highly complex, and the phenomenon creates huge ranges of patterns.”

The process itself depending on the frequency can distort and reflect the LED before it in some of the most unexpected ways. Below you will find some photographs of his equipment and these marvelous sound blasted water vibrations. Aren’t they amazing?