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Inside of each and every one of us, there are some pretty special places. While not everyone will appreciate these places in the same ways, accepting their presence is much easier.

Those specific three places are places we should all work to treat well within and without. They are our hearts, our thoughts, and lastly our grasp. While they might all sound similar they’re nowhere all need the same thing and each place is somewhere those in your life should be proud of finding themselves present.

Below I am going to break down these different places and explain a bit more about them. While they might not sound like a lot, if you find yourself in someone’s heart, thoughts, or grasp as a whole you are truly blessed. Not only is someone looking out for you but they’re also working hard to make sure they can impress you.

Your Thoughts – 

Your thoughts are somewhere lots of people would love to be. When on your mind they’re able to hold your affections even if just for a moment. You may be thinking about them all the time or just in a passing moment. 

When you allow someone to hold space in your thoughts you’re giving them a glimpse of where you wish to head. The more of this side of yourself you see the better. Don’t knock this one until you’ve given him/her a proper chance outside of your shell.

Your Heart –

Your heart is somewhere almost always off-limits to most but somewhere few are able to still gain access to. You don’t often take the time to really let people in using the ways that you should and this place within you is your way of really opening up without having to do so in a way that breaks down your walls entirely.

Your Grasp – 

Your grasp might not always feel like a place in your life but it is. Your grasp is everything you want but are too afraid to ask for. These things are not out of bounds but you’ve thought about them and said nevermind far too many times to know what you truly want at this point.

Don’t go through life treating these different places within yourself wrongfully. Life is short and we all need to make the most of the time before us which includes embracing these sides of ourselves. Sure, we shouldn’t be breaking free too much but in these small ways, we’re really making big moves.