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There are lots of different kinds of people in this world and some are far more gifted than others but not all fit into any specific group. While you’ve probably heard of star children, do you really know what they are?

Star children are people who were sent here to this planet from all across the universe for a range of reasons. Star children are broken down into different groups and consist of Indigos, Crystal children, and Rainbow children. These people all hold their own abilities and are meant to bring peace and a shift in consciousness to others on this planet. Some are nature oriented and others are far more concerned with humanity itself.

If you want to know whether or not you are one of these kinds of Star children then all you need to do is question yourself. Each one holds its own traits and comes with a purpose unique to each individual. Below I am going to go over the 5 questions you should ask yourself in regards to figuring out if you are one of these different kinds of Star children and then go over each one. If you find that one of these seems to fit you well, do your own research and dive into the world of Star children, you might be quite surprised at what you end up finding.

Are You An Indigo?:

1. Do you struggle with authority?

2. Do you feel as if you deserve to be on this planet?

3. Are you bad with conforming?

4. Are you highly empathetic?

5. Do you daydream often?

Are You A Crystal Child?:

1. Are you overly forgiving?

2. Are you extremely artistic?

3. Do you often see or hear spirits/guides?

4. Are you fearless?

5. Do you hate conflict?

Are You A Rainbow Child?:

1. Are you a high energy individual?

2. Do you tend to be more energetic than most?

3. Do you have a strong personality?

4. Are you able to heal others?

5. Do you tend to feel out of place?

If you answered yes to all of any of these above then you most likely belong in the group associated. To learn a bit more about each group please feel free to continue on. While it might not seem like much at first each of these groups are very important and if you belong to one, you were placed here to change the world.


Indigos are people who have been incarnating on this planet for at least one hundred years. They have access to healing abilities and are able to cleanse auras with ease. They tend to be much more intelligent and sensitive than most other people but also come across as quite unique. That being said, their passions seem to get the best of them sometimes.

Crystal Child

Crystal children are placed here to reveal to the rest of the world the powers we all have within. This group tends to function together more-so than apart and are able to really help others to achieve a sense of higher purpose. They are very forgiving and often quite caring.

Rainbow Child

Rainbow children are special in more ways than you might assume. They were placed here to help humans evolve further and are usually quite interesting. They do their best to bring joy and harmony to those in their lives and are always in a good mood. They are not the kinds of people who see things as overly negative, even in the worst situation they find something to be happy about.