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When it comes to tushies some of us are born with plump ones and well, some of us are not. While we as humans seem to spend a lot of time worrying about our rear ends, starfish seem to embrace what they’ve got.

Now, while starfish or sea stars don’t actually have butts when you look up pictures of ‘starfish butts’ you’ll find a lot of things that look like tushies on these cute little creatures. When these precious beings cling to things some of them end up looking as if they have ‘thicc’ rear ends and while that might sound a bit odd, it’s quite adorable. You see, while the anus of a starfish or sea star isn’t going to be anything like our own and is more centrally located it’s fun to come across things that look odd in nature or things you might not expect to see.

For a while now it seems starfish butts have been making their rounds and there are tons of pictures of different ones online. Some of them are plum and others are well, not. The more I see the photographs/pictures the more they remind me of Patrick on the show Spongebob. Yes, everyone remembers Patrick, right? He was a starfish with a tushie and well, while starfish can appear to have tushies, their rear ends are not what you’d expect.

If you’re curious about what ‘starfish butts’ look like take a peek at all the posts below. These pictures have been making their rounds and with good reason, starfish are truly precious and their little booties make them all the more adorable, don’t they? Have you ever seen anything like this before?


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Dare you to touch the butt!! @ the Exploratorium in SF! #starfishbutt #exploratoriumsf #patrickstar #thatbootytho #junkinthetrunk

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#starfishbutt #patrickthestarfish #Oceans #california #nickelodeon

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I know, these might just be cute pictures but considering the state of the world today, seeing something this cute is bound to brighten your day at least on some level. Animals never cease to amaze and even without these ‘booty pics’ starfish are quite mind-blowing creatures. To learn more about them take a look at the video below, you might be surprised as you grow to understand these creatures more and more.