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Right now since most of us are stuck at home, we’re running out of things to do. As more and more of us get bored, we’re getting quite creative about how we spend our time.

Throughout the years I have always found that using science to remain entertained was always the best option for me and I am sure some of you can also agree with that in regard to yourselves. That being said, not many people know just how many ‘science’ apps there are that can be downloaded and used on just about any smartphone. These apps make you feel like a real scientist and give you plenty to do. 

Since I have been unable to go out, I’ve put several of the apps you will find listed below to use and they have kept me busy for hours on end. If you like science, perhaps some of them might be worth downloading. Which are you most interested in?

10 Science Apps That Will Keep You Busy And Entertained:

1. AcceleratAR

While the idea of your average person building a particle accelerator might be a bit out there, it’s something that is very possible on a virtual level. This app uses your phone’s camera to give you an interesting experience and allows you to create something that will blow you away.

Sure, you need to make some paper cubes and things of the sort but overall this app will teach you a lot and be a lot of fun as well. As you begin to really let the lessons this app offers sink in, you’ll realize you know more than you think. Virtual or not this is quite fun.

2. NASA Globe Observer

This app might not look that interesting at first but it has a lot to offer. It relies on the findings of those who use it to keep those doing research in specific areas informed. If you see cloud cover, land cover, or other things of the sort your photos and observations could be helping scientists do more than you could ever imagine.

3. NOVA Element

NOVA Element is perfect for those who want to better understand the periodic table. Basically within this app, you will be able to play a game, watch a two-hour program, or just explore the table for yourself. While exploring the periodic table might sound boring, once you get into this app it’s fascinating.

4. Google Science Journal

This one is free and can really bring you to a new place in your studies. It’s basically a digital science notebook that allows you to keep everything you need to record right where it needs to be. If you’re working to conduct small experiments at home, this app is worth the download.

5. edX

While it might sound a bit odd based on the name, this app is all about learning. It is a platform that gives you access to tons of free online courses that come from the world’s top universities. If you want to relearn something or perhaps dive into something new, this app will allow just that.

6. Bio Inc: Biomedical Plague

Within this app, you’re able to simulate an epidemic. While that might be a bit too much for some considering the things we’re facing others find it quite fascinating. The goal is to infect as many people as you can and through this game you are able to really see how quick diseases and viruses spread across the world.

7. Star Walk

Star Walk is an app that allows you to map out the night sky. It works to identify planets, constellations, and so much more. If you’re spending some time watching the night sky but don’t know where things are, this app is for you.

8. TerraGenesis

This mobile game is a great way to kill time. In this game, you are able to settle on a new planet across the universe and develop lots of things along the way. In this app, you build your own ecosystem and work to customize the things present.

9. eBird

If you like to watch birds, why not track which ones you’ve spotted? This app will help you identify and log the different bird sightings you experience. This is an app tons of people use, even scientists.

10. The Sandbox

The Sandbox might sound a bit child-like but it’s not quite that at all. Within this game, you get to play with different scientific ingredients and go through lots of challenges. The more you play the more you learn, you can even create a sim city with AI inside of this app.