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As we move forth the year 2019 seems all but a fading memory. With just little under two months left, things are changing quickly. 

While it might seem scary to think that the year 2020 is so close, being afraid isn’t going to do anyone any good. 2020 is going to bring new opportunities and offer us all different energies that we will have to face in our own ways but it also will align us more properly with our higher selves. If we work with the energies present in this world and do not fight the celestial bodies finding happiness in 2020 might truly become possible.

Below I am going to go over the different zodiac signs that should be expecting the most from our move into 2020. While all zodiac signs will be feeling the effects and energies associated with it, these will be gaining the most. Is your sign on the list?


You’re going to be looking at the year 2020 with a lot of light in your eyes. You can see that there is a lot to be done but also that you’ve made tremendous progress in the past few years. You’re going to finally be footed well in your relationships and ready to get things done.


The year 2020 is going to be throwing you through some unexpected loops. You’re going to be changing in a lot of ways and finding yourself once and for all. The more time that passes the more connected you and your current lover will become, perhaps you’re finally going to be ready to take that big leap into something ‘real.’


The year 2020 might sound scary but for you, it’s going to be a piece of cake. You’re going to be taking things much more seriously and working to help the people you care the most about. While you have been a bit of a jerk in recent times the things you do throughout 2020 will make up for a lot. 


Sure, you might feel a bit unready to move forth into 2020 but as you do a lot is going to come into perspective. This year is going to be revolving around love and connections for you in a lot of ways. While it might take you a few months to figure out just who you should invest your time in once you’ve come to terms with things you’ve got a lot to work on.


You’re always looking at the glass half full which is something that really tends to set you back. You are stuck in a situation that no longer serves you and longing for so much more. Perhaps breaking free and sowing some of those adventurous oats would do you some good. The year 2020 isn’t going to be a forgiving one but you already knew that.


While you might say you’re ready for 2020 it’s clear that you are not. You’re going to be showing your impulsive side a lot more and working to understand your past. As this happens relationships and connections will fall on the sidelines. You might be able to really win something big if you are able to separate things that need to be separated during this time and as the coming year unfolds.