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Right now Venus is in Sagittarius and will remain there until the 25th of this month. While it doesn’t have much time in Sagittarius left the energies this union brings are offering some of us very special advantages.

While Venus has not been present in this sign for very long its energies have been quite intense for those who are sensitive to them. Sagittarius is a very important sign known for traveling and being the most flighty of the 12 overall but that doesn’t mean the energies it gives off are exactly as such. The energies we’ve been facing from this Venus/Sagittarius meeting have been quite optimistic, full of prosperity, and without falter in many ways.

Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs who have the most to gain over the next few days before Venus itself moves into Capricorn. The more you utilize these things and the more in the moment you are the more benefits you will find yourself coming into contact with. Transits like this don’t work out in such a manner often, embrace this positivity while you can.


For the Taurus, this whole ordeal could seem like a lot to you. You’re going to be feeling these energies on a more intense level than most and working to be more aligned with your higher self. While usually, you overwork yourself lately you’ve been taking some time off and stepping back as best you can. This is a chance for you to take a much-needed break and you deserve it, don’t let anyone tell you differently.


For the Cancer, this whole ordeal is going to be a bit of a stressful situation. While you’ll be on edge and the next few days as this comes to an end you will be quite confused but overall you’re going to face seriously positive changes. The people around you are going to make their truest emotions known and whether that hurts or not it’s something you’ve needed to hear for a long time now. Don’t waste your time just hear things out and take them for what they are.


For the Scorpio, this whole ordeal can feel like a lot. You’re working to better yourself and being as free as possible all the while doing what you can get keep your important tasks done. Don’t be afraid to let some of your responsibilities fall through the cracks for now. You can always get back to normal once all is said and done. Just enjoy the moment for now.


For the Sagittarius, this whole ordeal can be summed up as amazing. The Sagittarius gets all of the benefits and none of the down-sides as per usual. While it might seem like everything is going right for this sign please remember that on the outside looking in things might seem perfect but there are still cracks in the seams. The Sagittarius is going to be doing well but that doesn’t mean he/she isn’t struggling in his or her own mind. There is something this transit brought forth in your mind and you need to keep that where it is and act on it when the time is right.


For the Aquarius, this whole ordeal could in many ways be their saving grace. Those born under this sign are while Venus is in Sagittarius going to be breaking free from the mold that this world has thrown them into and really working to speak out for themselves. Because this sign is so closed off and reserved, it’s quite an unexpected event for most.


For the Pisces, this whole ordeal is going to bring them to a lot of challenges and changes in their lives but not in a bad way. The more they get to know themselves the more they will also realize how important things like this are. Making decisions and allowing their creative energies to flow is very important and the more they work at it the better their overall perspectives will become.