While a lot of the signs are quick to fall in love, not all of them are. About half of them are searching for something deeper, something that really unites their soul to the soul of someone else.

The signs who are looking for that deeper more intense love are often the ones who spend the most time on their own. They aren’t quick to open up and getting them to let you be a part of their life takes time. They only want to let connections flourish that will feed their souls and so, they take a lot of time getting to know someone before deciding if they’re going to be with them or not.

Below I am going to go over those six signs and what this kind of relationship means for them. While you might think you know what they want, you never do until it’s made clear before you. These signs are the ones that will stick by your side until the end.


The Gemini might have a lot of friends but he or she isn’t going to let those friends close unless they prove themselves. Gemini people get a bad reputation for a number of reasons but when it comes to relationships they give their all to the people who they feel they can trust the most. For people born under this sign, love is the most important thing in the world.


The Virgo is not as easy to get close to as most people think. Sure, he or she might cut up with you and shoot the shit but they’re not going to let you in without a fight. This sign wants to make you jump through hoops before they settle down with you. That in itself is because they often carry a lot of pain with them that they are unable to let go of.


The Taurus loves deeper than most other signs. They fall hard but not for just anyone. You really have to sweep them off of their feet. For the Taurus, the love they gain by being in a proper relationship brings them great comfort and they will never let go of it.


The Scorpio might be someone a lot of people think of as a bit ‘much’ but honestly is anything but. Sure they like to flirt and have their fun but once they’ve found that special someone they are extremely loyal. The Scorpio loves unconditionally.


The Aries is not the kind of person who lets others in. He or she will remain at a distance and continue to work on other things for a long time before realizing that you’re not going to jump ship. They want a soulful connection but are not going to hunt for it. They know it will come to them when the time is right.


The Capricorn is a sign that most people don’t realize is very loving. Because these people tend to be a bit of a practical thinker they don’t just date a lot of people or try to build connections with just anyone. They love romance and dating but in order to date them, you have to have the same drive that they do which is not easy, that I can assure you of.

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