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As we move through the last month of 2019, some signs are going to be preparing for 2020 while others are going to be stuck dwelling on things that will end up holding them back in the long-run.

Each one of us is going to have to work through the things that are to come if we truly want to move forward on a proper foot. That being said, some of us are just a lot better at embracing change than the rest and it shows. Below I am going to go over the signs that are going to be adapting more quickly than the rest of the people of the zodiac, is your sign one of them?


For you, 2020 is going to bring forth a lot of opportunities that you’ve been waiting for. You’re going to be more than willing to embrace them because you’re ready to get all of your ducks in a row. While things might be a bit intense, you’re going to be building the right connections and doing things in a way that allows you to get them completed with ease.


While 2020 might be a bit scary for you, it is a year that will help you grow tremendously. You’re going to be noticing a lot of new events stemming forth and things being shaken up on a drastic level. The more willing you are to break free of the status quo the happier you will become.


The year of 2019 has been quite hard on you and the closer 2020 becomes the more excited you find yourself getting. You’re going to finally make some changes in your life that will allow you to flourish properly. The future is not going to be as damp as the past has been and you should find great comfort in knowing that.


As 2020 makes its way here you’re going to be spending a lot of time thinking about different things but the changes before you are not going to be as painful as you might expect. You’re ready to get settled in for once and you’re about to finally have something you can call home. Pay attention to the opportunities around you and let the positive energies really run their course in your life.


You’re never one to have any kind of issue with change and that is not going anywhere anytime soon. You’re going to be facing the problems before you properly and moving forth in the ways you see fit. While you’re going to have to learn how to do things with someone by your side for once, you’ve got everything under control and don’t have much to worry about in regards.


The coming year 2020 is going to really knock you back a bit but not in a bad way. You’re going to be slowed down so that you can find your creativity and embrace the passion within your own mind. Sure, you’re going to be a bit confused at first but the changes to come are going to be overwhelmingly positive. You’re going to be really pushing through the limits you once set for yourself.