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January is finally here and with that, it seems the month isn’t going to be as positive for everyone as we might hope it would be. We already know there will be some signs struggling at the beginning of the month but who overall is going to be facing the most problems during the month itself?

The month of January actually could even end up being quite painful for the following signs. These signs, unlike the rest, have the most lessons to learn from the beginning of 2020 as a whole. Sure, we all might face some ups and downs but for a number of reasons these signs are going to feel like they’re being run through the gutters. If your sign happens to be on this list, keep in mind that you are stronger than you think and you can make it through anything this universe throws your way.


As January comes full swing you’re going to be working harder than usual trying to get ahead. All of this is going to make you feel like you’re a chicken with its head cut off running around without a purpose. The more you fuel this fire the more unsettled you will find yourself.


As you move forth January is going to remind you that not everyone in your life is as permanent as you wish they were. You’re going to suffer serious heartache as the days pass by and it’s not going to come in a form that you would expect. You might find that the more time you spend trying to make things work the harder it is to let go but also the more apparent it becomes that things will never play out how you want them to.


January 2020 for you is a month that shows you exactly where you’d been messing up. You need to stop wasting your time on people who are not willing to put any effort into making things work with you. Sure, you want love but this is not love and you need to see that.


The month of January might not start off too terrible for you but as the days pass you’re going to realize just how much is headed your way. You’ve got a lot going on and it feels like too much. The more that life lays itself out before you the more overwhelmed you become. You are unable to come to terms with the things you have to do and it’s causing a lot more stress in your life than you can see in the present moment.


January 2020 for you is going to be a month that brings you to a place in your life where you feel the lowest. You’re going to be struggling with the people closest to you and fighting to get your point across in more ways than you could ever imagine. While you like to have fun and do your own thing, now is not the time. You need to make some serious changes if you don’t want to lose the people who care the most about you.